Tidbits: Take Life By The Balls

Take Life By the Balls

Up for a few words of encouragement?

I am, we all know that life has it’s up’s and down’s and we do whatever it is to cope on a daily basis. For me it boils down to a few things, confidence and courage, courage to take what life has to offer, and the confidence to enjoy what it has to offer.

Cause ain’t life grand?

It surely is, and I question why more folks aren’t enjoying what it has to offer, stopping to smell the roses, seize the day, take the reigns, shit and get off the pot, or quite simply TAKE LIFE BY THE BALLS! Yes that’s it, TAKE LIFE BY THE BALLS and have a great time of it.

Life is sexy, life is beautiful, and I love it! Ok so I am not always “on” and yes life does get me down at times, but it’s during those times I realize time and time again I have the power within to change that, only me and no one else. Sure there are those offering guidance and support along the way, but in the end is it up to you,and what you do with it.

Some of you might think me full of hot air, and who am I to say what I do gives me that right? Well your right, no one did! I didn’t and don’t need a degree, certificate or license to get up on my soapbox and bellow words of encouragement, I just did, because I believe in YOU and ME.

I believe in me, and that’s how I got to where I am today, by believing in myself. I took those lemons and made a healthy batch of lemonade, and no I didn’t get rich by doing so of which is not the point. I don’t need riches, which to some degree would be nice,Dragball March 2015 but the point is I did it by myself, I took the initiative and got on with it. I made the point to be happy and get on with my life and enjoy it all, or what I can. I look at all around me, I listen, I smell, I touch, I taste, and most of all I love and enjoy!

Take that course, go on that trip, spend that money, enter that contest, do it for yourself, whatever it is, whoever or whomever, they are!

Just go ahead and do it! Take life by the balls and give them a good squeeze, a gentle yank, touch them, smell them, even taste them, they’re in the palm of your hand!!

Cause life is grand!