Sexy This Week; Strong Arms

STW strong arms 2

Men spend a lot of time and a great deal of care working their arms, their biceps, triceps, and deltoids into works of art, sculpted marble, muscles that move and flex like molten lead. The women work as equally hard, doing the same thing, only to varying degrees in producing the desired shape, size and tone. Beautiful muscles well defined, stretching over bone and cartilage making strong arms, that’s what sexy this week.

STW strong arms 3Big strong arms of a man to wrap around you, smother and hold tight, arms to touch and caress, or simply admire from afar. The delicate sinews and sensuous arms of a woman, smooth and soft, shapely and strong capable of a long embrace.

Landscapes for running fingertips across, or a wet tongue. Arms to nibble and squeeze tight. Arms so big you cannot reach all the STW Strong arms1way around with you hand. Arms to lay a heavy head against like a makeshift pillow.

Arms tattooed with intricate designs that follow curves and dimples, tattoos that compliment the artful perfection that many trips to the gym have produced. Arms that fit a shirt so well or compliment a sleeveless dress.

Strong sexy arms! Can more be said?