Sexy This Week; Human Touch


We all crave it at certain points in our lives, from light play, simple reassurance, a hello, goodbye, a genuine compliment, or a congratulatory pat on the back. Simple actions that warm the heart and soul creating feel good emotions, emotions that make a person feel connected, alive. Connected from one person to another, emotive feelings, and feelings of validation and comfort. Important things, and all from a simple action, an action of human touch, and that’s what’s sexy the week.

Touch is a connection attached to energy, important energy, good energy, and I’m not talking about negative energy, of which we all know about. Trust me I know first hand about the negative. Ask yourself when was the last time you got, or gave a hug, and if you did, how did it make you feel? I bet pretty damn good.

People love touch, and I am not talking about sex, but daily connection. Hey it’s a start, and we all know the slogan “reach out and touch someone” and not talking about doing it against someone’s will, of which I am under the belief that all of you that read this blog can make that distinction.touching-1

Many in today’s society have grown so cold to human contact, and I for one believe it’s contact that we all need. I know I do, and I bet you do to. Did you know that babies being hugged had lower heart rates and cried 82% less than those left wrapped and lying in their cribs?

Just saying.

So go ahead engage in some skin to skin contact and pat someone on the back, do a knuckle bump, shake a hand, hold a hand, give a hug. Better yet accept a hug, you’ll be better for it and welcome yourself back to the land of the of the alive, living, loved, and happy.