Sexy This Week; Whispered Sweet Nothings


We have many erogenous zones throughout our complex bodies, from head to toe, side to side, and all the places in between. One of my favourites, so intricate, full of purpose with flowing lines and deep cavities, hard and firm, yet soft and pliable, attached on either side of the head, the ears. The inner ear the collective organ that filter vibration so we can hear, and the outer ear consisting of tissue made up of cartilage, dermis, and epidermis creating a working structure to aid in the workings of the organ, the inner ear.

Full of nerves, sensitive to touch, heat, cold, and air. The air of the

gentle, heated whisper from a set of lips so close the moistness of those lips can be felt. A playful coo accompanied with warm hot breath. A hot breath exhaled deeply and expertly over and into collective flesh that follows more flesh winding deep into an inner ear causing hair to stand on end, sending shivers up and down a spine, a whispered sweet nothing, that’s what’s sexy this week.

whispered-sweet-nothings-2Casual conversation usually starts seated apart, slowly the divide begins to close in and bodies make their way to each other. Closer and closer, touching cheek to cheek, with one face that inevitably turns to bring a full set of quivering lips to hover over an ear, lips that slowly open to exhale hot sweet breath into a fleshy little cavern of twists and turns.

Hot sensual air that accompanies soft spoken whispers, whispers that penetrate deep into the inner ear activating nerves along the way making hairs stand on end and blood flow faster. Skin now tingling, breathing elevated, and organs that begin to dance and grow.

whispered-sweet-nothings-3Hands that begin to move and explore, gripping nearby flesh with each whisper. Whispers that elicit tingles and waves from a sea of goose pimpled flesh across heated skin. Whispers from an ever more open mouth that now reveals an eager darting tongue, wet, red, and alive. Alive, like the head of a cobra rearing to strike, raising up in rhythmic motion, moving slowly back and forth.

A mouth now wide, on top of an ear, breathing hot cooing carnal whispers of thoughts we all think, naughty eager thoughts, a mouth trembling, a hot wet tongue, a hot wet tongue now deep into an ear…….