Wacky Wednesdays: Play-Doh


Some people have an awful lot of time on their hands, especially those that will find anything and everything phallic, sexual, perverse in anything they see, or touch. The latest so called scandal happens to be by the makers of Play-Doh, that is coming from irate, over thinking parents, yet in another rage of “think of the children” bullshit.

Reports of parents being enraged with a penis-shaped baking toy, wondering why nobody told Play-Doh that it’s latest toy looks exactly like a penis, or lovingly called Dil-Doh on twitter feeds! Well it’s no secret we’ve all seen what a penis looks like, and they ALL look very different, and as someone who works in the sex industry

I’ve seen a lot in print, in action, and reproductions. They look NOTHING like what Play-Doh has produced.

Come on folks get real! Get your heads out of your asses, because if that looks like a penis, then hell anything at Staples or your local kitchen store could be construed as looking like a penis. Why not throw in all the home repair and “do it yourself” shops just for good measure?

You’ve got to wonder what the guys think of this, and if they are the ones complaining. I mean does hard, clear plastic that extrudes non-toxic, multi coloured, intoxicating smelling dough really look like a penis? Is that what your penis looks like, or is it just a sad case of penis envy? If those folks think so, well I cause for concern, and if they think it truly it does, it makes me wonder what they are shoving into their orifices and calling a “penis”!

Anyway you be the judge, and hopefully have a good laugh. I did!