Sexy This Week; The Kindness of Strangers

Holding Daisies

Life is sexy and everything in it, at least it should be to be each and every person. It’s not always about in your face sex, sex, sex, which however is what I think about on an almost constant basis, but for those that read my work and follow my activism, you’ll know I am about so much more. We all like to feel good, and we get to feel good in so many different ways, through communication, touch, laughter and of course sex, but how about kindness? The kindness of strangers, that’s what sexy this week.

Forgive me for being overly philosophical or emotional, but I have met a lot of folks in my travels, and folks that I don’t even know. Folks that make it a habit of saying hello or generally complimenting me on something they have seen me do, or read about. As a public figure, and no not on the level of Hollywood personalities, but a local community personality, I am definitely out there in the public eye. Just research that in my news section or by doing a lovely google search.

But enough about me, what this is about is giving kindness to those around you, whenever and wherever you are. The street, gym, club, shopping mall, work, wherever. Saying a hello, or giving a compliment, holding a door, a little chivalry, saying thank you, your welcome, the list goes on.

We’re all on this planet together so why not express a little kindness to a stranger? Why not make someone feel good? Do it however you feel, we seem to forget being polite is a virtue worth some serious value!donate-a-car-during-random-acts-of-kindness

People remember acts of kindness, and trust me you’ll feel that much better for it, as little kindness goes a long way!