Wacky Wednesday; Brothel Menu From 1912

Brothel menu 1912

How civilized were they? The folks in jolly old England were truly having their jollies off and in good, filthy, fun fashion!

The language has changed since then, but for most of my readers I am sure you’ll be able to figure out what it all means, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what “squatting on prick means!” For all you history enthusiasts this little piece of literature comes from the London brothel of Mrs. F. A. Tasse and yes proves the point that the word FUCK, was well in use long before the 20th century. Ever heard of the proclamation “fornication under command of the king” (FUCK)? Whether you believe it or not, it makes for a great read!

However here in the present day world we live in, a bunch of decision makers, making decisions for everyone else but themselves as though they are the “sexperts”, feel they know what’s best when they couldn’t be further from the truth. Bill C-36 the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act is living proof of government ass-quackery thinking they know what’s best in the hopes of abolishing sex work. Say what?? More like a serious pretending of our current conservative government pretending they don’t fuck or use the services of sex workers. LMAO!

Well for those of you like me who love a good, short read, laced with a bit of tawdry old England, enjoy. I did!!