Sexy This Week; Ecstasy Faces

orgasm face1

We all make them, and for those of us that enjoy the heated throes of passion we certainly don’t care what we look like while doing so. Open mouthed, closed eyes, furrowed brows, and droplets of sweat accumulating to run in rivulets down a quivering cheek, make up the look, the look of ecstasy faces, and that’s what sexy this week.

Facial expressions vary from person to person during sexual activity, whether it be solo or involved. The face takes on a life of it’s own that is directly connected to the excitement produced by the stimuli that get the body’s juices flowing.

The obvious feature is the eyes, that become half closed, glazed over orbs enraptured in a hypnotic dreamlike state of bliss. The mouth becomes an open set of quivering lips that slowly pull back to reveal a wet chasm gasping for air that releases soft bellowing moans of delight. Teeth so white and a darting tongue that seeks out the mouth of another eager to lock lips and explore tongue to tongue.

A face that reveals the truth of the ecstasy someone is enjoying while leading up to the ever sought after “la petite mort” the french euphemism for orgasm. The moment when eyes roll back into the sockets, eyelids close over, teeth biting lips, and a mouth that opens even wider to let out an ever enveloping, gasping moan of pleasure. ecstasy face2

The actions of the face closely watched by a lover deep in the rhythm of giving that pleasure to another, watching eagerly, excited, heated, and passionate. Aware of the power over a lover while gazing up from a crotch, the giver always knows, and always wants to give that pleasure. To see a face contort, quiver, tremble and reveal themselves being given over to desire that leads to a climactic, explosive end, that given some recovery time can and will happen again.

Come on baby, give it to me, give it up, that’s it, let it go……….