Sexy This Week; Healthy Obsessions

shoe obsession

We all have them, and in numerous forms. Be it a love of flowers, cars, jewelry, trips to the gym, food and good wine, bras and panties, or beautiful people, WE ALL HAVE THEM! Obsessions! For some it is a simple infatuation, quickly gotten over in a short time, but for those on the move, doing things with ambition, sometimes a little, or lot of inspiration is what those folks need, a healthy obsession, that’s what sexy this week.

Don’t quite understand? Well let me explain with my healthy obsessions.

As I progress through life and age, although I prefer to use the term “mature” because I believe we are all continually doing so, and I hate the word aging, I am striving to continually to perfect or modify myself for good health and longevity. What do I do? One of the things I do is go to the gym 6-7 days a week, of what is soon to be a year long test of myself after a nearly 2 year hiatus. Some would call that obsessive, I call it healthy, and love watching as my body changes.

Next I start with the underthings that support and cover what I am working on. My bra and panty sets. I have amassed a good collection, in many colours, styles, fabrics and textures. Some would call that obsessive, I call it healthy. I love vintage jewelry, Sherman of Montreal, and pearls, both fresh and salt water in flower-obsessionas many colours as I can find. I love high heels, and can’t count how many. I have corsets, girdles, stockings. I obsess about flowers and surround myself with them.

I love people, and LOVE to people watch, something the Europeans have down to a science. I love to be around people, communicate, laugh, touch, smell, and well……

Wine-ObsessionWe don’t comment on those that buy expensive cars, or the stars that own property around the world, nor do we comment on those with little obsessions of their own. What we do comment on is our lack of money the wealthy have to indulge those obsessions; and what are you going to do? Just deal with what you do have.

On the flip side obsessions can be negative, they can affect your life and your ability to function. Consume your thoughts, depress you, sicken you, and worse off, hurt those around you, be they familiar or strangers. Just know when healthy becomes unhealthy and downright dangerous. Know when to stop!

Live life and enjoy it, get out there and have fun! Buy your flowers, take your pictures, enjoy the wine, and surround yourself with the things and people you want.