Sexy This Week: A Mischievous Smile


After the eyes the next facial element to validate the look of a playful flirt is the mouth. A mouth that displays the upturned corner, or corners of a set of full lips beginning to flush with the heat of blood coursing through pulsing veins and arteries just below the surface of the skin. Lips that transform into many poses of communication, communication all a part of a directed smile, a flirt, creating what’s sexy this week, a mischievous smile.

Let’s be honest with each of all of us, we love the validation, the acceptance, the acknowledgement, whatever it takes! A smile goes a long way, especially when you know it’s sincere. It doesn’t mean you have to follow through, and if you do, so be it! Flirting makes each and of everyone of us on this planet feel good.

The next time you walk down the street look up and catch the glance of staring eyes, a smile slowly erupting from corner to corner, here is my suggestion. Let the goose bumps grow, let the heat rise! Crack a smile and show those teeth, knowing you can say yes, or no, all up to you, but it certainly fuels the day ahead and provides the confidence to respond and proceed.