Sexy This Week; Hard, Rough, Quickies

hard quickie2

Everyone loves a slow comfortable screw up against the wall, but wait, that’s the shooter! Seriously folks, everyone loves a slow comfortable screw, and this time I am NOT talking about the shooter. We all talk about the “quickie” the “morning quickie”, the “afternoon lunchtime quickie”, the “evening just before the kids go to bed quickie”, or the “just home from work quickie”, the QUICKIE! Nice, passionate, loving, kissing, cuddling, quickies.

Great if that’s what you want, but what about those that want it a bit rough, hard, almost abusive? Passionately abusive, grip me hard, don’t let me out the door on my way to work, finish my make-up, or get off the phone. Grip me, grab me, throw me down and do it, give me that quick hard quickie before sending me on my way, that’s what’s sexy this week.

Passion comes in many forms, soft and sweet, cold and callous, rough and aggressive, and all consensual. Con-sensuality that comes from prior communication, communication that lets you and your partner, lover, or lovers, know that you are all on the same page. Con-sensuality that doesn’t always come from spoken word, but from bodily actions, actions that include eye contact, subtle changes in attitude, bodily reactions such as perspiration, scents secreted, or goose bumps. Reactive elements that warrant an action of the sexual kind.

Actions that grow and manifest from the reactions of a stressed morning void of time for coitus of any kind. Bodies rushing back and forth readying for the day ahead or an evening prior. Bodies brushing up against one another while fastening buttons on a silky blouse or that of trousers. Touching, brushing, glancing, frustration building. Frustration rising, blood pulsing faster, body heat rising ,to high, to hot. Elevated frustration to the final brush-up.

Hands grip, a body thrown back onto the bed, quickly pursued from behind. The shapely body of many fantasies pushed down hard, hard onto a freshly made bed. A skirt hiked up, expensive panties ripped off, revealing an unplanned wetness from lips atop stocking clad legs.hard quickies

Hair pulled tight, pants dropped low, the hard meaty piece that now plows forward to spread wet lips, thrusting deep, hard, and from behind. A made-up face forced hard into downy soft pillows to fill an open mouth ready for a scream, but elicits a moan of shock, surprise, and delight.

Thrusts that gain in momentum and ferocity, deeper, harder, faster. Moans, passion, sweat emerging from momentum not released for quite some time. Harder, stronger grips, a face buried deep into plush pillows, ass in the air, penetration from behind…….doggie style roughness!

A hard, rough quickie!