Sexy This Week; Sweat

sweaty torso

Here in Vancouver as we near the end of summer the temperature seems to fluctuate quite dramatically, as do the humidity levels. Just when you think you have it under control as to what to wear, good old mother nature throws in a curve ball just to keep us on our toes. Over dressed we hit the streets only to soon find ourselves warmer than we wish to be, cutting a swathe through the thick, hot, humid air. A warmth that heats our bodies, kicking into effect what the body does best to try and cool down, sweat, and that’s what’s sexy this week.

Sweat, consisting mostly of water, some minerals, lactate, and urea, varies from person to person, not only in the chemical content, but the amount secreted. Mostly it’s the body’s mechanism for cooling down the surface of the skin when the body has become over heated generally from exertion, illness, stress, and temperature variations in the atmosphere. Through a process of evaporative cooling, the effect is a cools the surface of the skin to help regulate the body’s internal temperature.

Prior to puberty the rate of sweat is considerably less than that of an adult, up to 2-4 litres per hour, or 10-14 litres a day, and depending on the activity even more. With that amount do remember to hydrate!

With the type of activity sweat is derived from, comes the obvious, scent. Sweat derived from exertion of a “negative” kind is much more pungent, less sweet, unappetizing, and definitely un-enticing in nature. If attraction is what your hoping for, having your nose hair’s curl from an odorous waft just won’t do.sweaty-body

Happy sweat from a trip to the gym, a brisk walk, an evening out is laced with the pheromones designed for attraction is what you’ll be wanting. Pheromone laced sweat that commands your attention as it passes over those olfactory glands, sweat that glistens and gleams on skin you want to touch.

Sweat you wish to feel on your own body, sweat from another body that sticks to your own. Sweat that moistens the surface of your own skin, so much sweat that it acts as a body glide, slippery to the touch, tasty to the tongue. Sweat that drips between your breasts, runs between your ass cheeks. Sweat that bathes you, sweat that drips…………