strictly pink

I am not just here on the internet and other locations strictly for business purposes, but for helping others in their quest for advancement within their business, life, etc,  if, that is, if I can be of assistance.

I love getting to know people, helping folks, making friends, associates, business connections, networking. As I say on my podcast TRANSISTER (in development for the relaunch) hopefully you’ll listen, learn and laugh! I truly mean that!

Kindness and interest in getting to know people is a virtue, and friending someone on a social site of their choice is also their choice, one I welcome, most of the time.

I will however, let you know if I am interested in you or not, if your intentions are other than getting to know me. Before asking the questions that some of you do, I ask that you take the time to read my profiles on the social sites I am on, it saves us time, and there are many!

Other than that I duly congratulate any, and all, that friend me whether it is a new job, new level within their current job, birthday, life achievement, whether I truly know a person or not. It makes people feel good. Now don’t be upset if I use the pre-written congratulatory message provided by most of these social/networking sites, it saves me time, and my sincerity is fully backing it up!

However what does make me wonder is why a person who is the friend, spouse, relative, or other of the individual who so graciously decided to friend me, to get to know me, has taken it upon themselves to become the bane of my existence and the “friend” and assume intentions are other because of insecurity? Or is it because the new “friend” has a history, is untrustworthy, a liar?

I am not sure what it is, and if you truly know me you’ll know I have NO TIME FOR THAT SHIT!

I do not engage them, but simply delete them and the new friend.

Sorry folks just the way it is.

Enticingly Yours
Velvet Steele