Sexy This Week; Stolen Glances

stolen glances

The difference between a stolen glance and a glaring stare is the creep factor! IT’S CREEPY! Stealing glances from something you admire is cute, sweet, and lets the object of admiration, in this case a person, know, you’re not a creep with ill intentions that are untoward. Sneaking a peek done well is part of the art of playful flirting, overtly stopping and glaring is part of the art of a punch square in the face. Quick, stolen glances for the object of your affection is what’s sexy this week.

When your attentions have been overtaken, you want to look, look further and investigate the allure that has you in it’s grasp. A grasp that for the most part has control of your mind leaving you unable to think or focus on the original tasks you set out to accomplish in the time you allotted for yourself. Clearing your mind is the only way to regain that focus, and short of verbally enquiring, you do so through looking.

Rapid eye movement back and forth, and no not while asleep, but fully awake is how it’s done. Head cocked to one side or facing downward, letting your eyes register all the information you need. Hair that hangs long over your forehead and into those eyes blanketing a coy mischievousness eager to pursue something further. A mischievousness that lets that person being glanced upon know there is interest, and hopefully will reciprocate.

Stopping and staring dead on has the exact opposite effect. Its sleazy, creepy, and invasive. It elicits the urge of confrontation, and usually ends up with negative results. Don’t do it, opt for positive results from positive actions.

Coy actions with sweet intentions, a head slightly cocked downward or to the side. Hair draped in and across curious doe eyes. Nervous, excited, shy anticipation, with courage on the build. Go on sneak a peak, hope they see you, eyes that meet, and a smile that grows.