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The marathon man, and no I’m not talking about athletes, although this kind of man fancies himself that. A hot and heavy session of marathon sex is not without it’s benefits: the closeness, the passion, action, varied positions, all to the culmination of the explosive orgasm. But in reality, once twenty minutes has been surpassed, at least one of the participants, and we’ve all heard this before, is thinking of what colour nail polish to wear next, or if the underwear they put on that morning was actually clean.

Many without knowing it have the world of pornography to thank for that, the often unrealistic time span presentations of couples engaged in endless pounding action and deep throated gobbles. Pornography does paint a picture that is hot, sexy, and youthful, but in reality it is more heated from the burning lights of the studio. Not so sexy considering the throngs of folks on set while the action is closely filmed making sure make-up is not running, hair is coifed, and well, shit’s not happening, because we know it does. As for youthful, well we know not all are 18 and fresh out of high school, but heavily made up to look that way, not only facially but body wise as well, covering blemishes, scars, birthmarks and even moles. This is the reality of porn production to bring to the masses the fantasy of a long hot fuck session.

For the most part, men get this unrealistic notion of being the marathon man early in puberty, through talk with their friends and stolen glimpses of erotica tucked neatly in their parent’s bedrooms. Getting together with your first partner and going for broke, when really, going for broke gives new meaning to premature ejaculation in seconds flat for 99.99% of those engaged in their first tryst. It may just be that this is where the subconscious psychological scar was created, the unbearable reality that you came off in the blink of an eye. A reality you just truly aren’t going to share with your friends, and nor will your partner share for fear of being branded a lousy lay, incapable of reciprocal action. The “seeds” of a lie have been spewed forth, to grow and blossom into that mythical notion that sex requires a seriously long session for it to be good.

We all know that adolescent individuals in the throes of puberty are exhausted, not only emotionally, but also physically, and would rather spend a good portion of those years sleeping it through than to be concerned with notions of coitus uninterruptus. The skills necessary to develop the sought after duration techniques come from years of single-handed manipulation or double handed for the “gifted” in girth and length. However, marathon masturbation doesn’t always translate well to a few laps around the track, especially if that thoroughbred is a little over heated with excitement to be riding that race with another.

Training is essential, and for both parties, not only for stamina control but also for what buttons to push. Pushed buttons amplify stamina control, and if buttons are pushed, rockets are blasting off a lot sooner: A condition that just may be a contributor to the “marathon man” with each partner trying to out do each other, leaving things somewhat anti-climactic.

Technique for stamina control has evolved well beyond a set of greased palms anxiously working a throbbing shaft. Companies in the sex toy realm have produced a wide variety of items to alleviate the hairy palm myth. Masturbators for men come in all shapes and sizes, textures, interiors, colours, from manual operation to motorized for the truly lazy who want to lay back and enjoy the ride. Products even go so far as to label themselves stamina-training units. Stamina training is a good thing, but it can go too far.

Let’s also consider those of us that like to accentuate our play with a few party favors. Yes, it happens, and generally in the context of an evening out, not as a daily occurrence. The feelings induced from a few favors usually warrant the use of an erectile aid, and combined with the afore mentioned leads to an evening, and the next day of romper room madness. Very much with it’s benefits, but not all the time. Sexual dysfunction does occur with party favours, as it does with alcohol, let’s be real, most of us do become those sought after sluts after a few pills, but it’s not reality. Drying out from marathon sex once in awhile is great, but for the 99.99% of us, afternoon delight, or quickies does not mean ALL AFTERNOON! We’ve got bills to pay, mouths to feed, clothes to buy, daily life to live. Get my drift?

Yes the feeling is great but why not make it feel great in 20 minutes, or possibly less? The term quality over quantity here truly does apply; it just takes a bit of creativity, sometimes some planning, and spontaneity. Take time out in the middle of your day for a quick meet up, shower together first thing, or a quick hand job in the car. Shorter bursts of quality not only free up your day for other activities, but also leave you with the energy for the possibility of round 2, 3, and 4 throughout the day.

Yours truly is certainly no stranger to marathon sessions of hot, all day long sex with an hour break in that 24 hour period, but to be honest I am worse for the wear for several days later. No sleep, no food, no drink, the soreness, the chafing, the reapplication of lube time and time again. Hell, no one said great sex didn’t come without its complications!

Don’t forget there is the inevitable wind down from that marathon when both parties are starting to flog a dying horse to keep the race going. For the most part it’s not a pretty sight peeling a closed eyed, make-up smeared, tired face out from between your legs, now is it?

Health permitting, we’ll always be up for the next record breaking session, but in the meantime I am always up for a raunchy, down and dirty talked, messy haired, lipstick smudged, ram my face into the wall session that lasted only fifteen minutes.

Aren’t you?

Words by | Velvet Steele

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