Sexy This Week; A Hairy Chest

hair chest 1

Manscaping; the term for male maintenance of unwanted, unruly, overgrown body hair, done generally at the discretion of the owner of that hair. Yes this month is about objectifying the male of the human species, and why not? Men are hot, as are women, but for this month I am all about the men!

At some point in a man’s life, most men have explored the idea of removing their chest hair and for a multitude of reasons. From wanting a smoother cleaner look and feel, medical reasons, for photos, show off better muscle definition, and many, for reasons we’ll never know. At the beginning of the 21st century a clean shaven chest took on a fashion sense and a life all of it’s own, a life adopted by many young men, a life proudly worn on the beaches, in magazines and the all to popular adult film.

As the 21st century progressed so to did the rise in individualism and the move back towards allowing the male body do what it does naturally, grow hair, and hair on the chest. Curly hair, straight hair, long hair, short hair, and hair every colour the human body is capable of growing.hairy chest 2

Hair that peeks out from the collar of a button up shirt or t-shirt. Hair below that shirt that grows in wondrous patterns following the curves, shapes and muscles of the well sculpted torsos. Hair that grows following in the direction downward that comes together gathering in the aptly named treasure trail leading the viewer on a journey to the nether regions.

Hair that shines from sweat, the sun, bright lights and oil. Hair teasing touch from curious fingers, hair that coaxes a nose closer to steal a whiff of a breeze that whispers across a forested chest. Hair that tickles soft skin, hair that scratches and warms, hair that smothers.

Hair that grows grows forth from a masculine chest and torso, hair wanted and needed to rub up against. Hair to admire and appreciate. Hair glorious hair!