Sexy This Week; Good Health


The minute we are conceived deep within our mother’s womb is when it all starts, the essence of our physical health. For all of us it is something we cannot control, for our mother’s body is the vessel that is the environment for us to develop and grow into hopefully a happy, healthy human being. Fed by the nutrients that enter our developing system through our mother’s mouth, however not all that is ingested to enable us to grow is good for you, that is the unfortunate fact we have no control over. However once free of the womb and able to make decisions for oneself

is when a person can truly take control and get on the path to the good health you were possibly deprived of while in the womb and for some, infancy. In control of yourself through good mental health, nutrition, diet, and or exercise, is what’s sexy this week.

This week’s “Sexy This Week” is not meant to be a preaching type presentation, but more of an uplifting, empowering, set of words you can take and interpret how you like. Good health as we all know for those who can acquire it, maintain it, and live it, is hot! How you live, how you feel, think, eat, and exercise makes a person think clearly, look good, and feel great is hotter! To be in total control of it, the hottest!

It’s not about the “perfect” magazine ready, photo shoot body, but about those that feel good on all aspects. The end result is the confidence, no matter what your body size and shape is. Have a look at what Tess Munster is Tess-munsterdoing, she is HOT!! The bottom line is, as long as YOU feel good about yourself, others will know as well. Only you have the power to control your good health, both mental and physical. Only you can change anything you don’t like, and it’s only you that you have to answer to. NO ONE ELSE!

Bitching and complaining to those around you only pushes those close to you away. Don’t like what you are eating? Change your diet! Don’t like how you look? Change it! Don’t like what you are wearing, how you feel, your health? Then change it! I think you get the message here? Good health is about how you feel and what you can you do about it to make it better for yourself.

Exude that confidence, own yourself, be loud and proud. In doing so you’ll attract the attention of others, others who want to know you, possibly get close to you, touch you, smell you, eat you……….