Sexy This Week; Hairy Forearms

hairy forearm

Manscaping is a good thing, but these days it has been taken to extremes in my eyes and the beholders of many others. What started off as a process to clean up the hair from unruly eyebrows, legs, backs and butt crack, seems to have extended beyond that to the forearms of so many overly processed pretty boys. Looking at smooth forearms evokes images of prepubescent boys, that make even the most tolerant give their heads a shake. Hairy forearms on a man, that’s what’s sexy this week.

Hair on a man is not all coarse and prickly, but quite the contrary, soft, downy and wonderful to touch! Even the legs, of which the women and men into men, know the feel of hairy legs rubbing up against their own in the heated frictions of passion,

a great feeling!

The same holds true of the forearms that connect to muscular veiny hands, with hair that grows, usually, down towards the hands and onto them. In all the colours of hair found on human bodies, from blackest black, to tawny brown, strawberry red, honey blonde, a list that goes on and on. Hair that blankets muscles, and entices touch from delicate fingertips to caress that meadow of hair up and down that forearm, making temperatures rise, among other things.forearm

Hairy forearms that glisten with sweat from a good workout, or better yet a passionate session of sex. Hair that hangs on to the masculine scent so sought after, when forearms reach around a neck, head, and face to hang on tight for an entry from behind, while the gracious recipient inhales deeply the masculine authoritative scent of passion. A scent of spice, sweet, savoury, and enveloping.

Hair that brushes a cheek, a nose, a mouth, forcing a tongue to emerge and judiciously lick the scent, and move the swirls and curls of the hair into place. Teeth to nibble skin and hair provoking a tighter embrace, a firmer squeeze, a deeper, harder thrust………..