Tidbits; Boobies


Tits, boobs, juggs, ta taas, knockers, breasts, fun bags, the girls, guns, the rack, the top 10 slang names given to those beautiful orbs that adorn the chest of the amply endowed women, and some men. Like it or not, they are the ultimate in defining femininity for those who have embraced wearing them up and out there on full display for the world to see and enjoy. I am not talking about running around with them airborne, but rather presented in their full voluptuous glory, of which I for one am happy to see, and, do myself.

The sign that a woman is coming into adolescence and then again sexual prime, are the growing orbs, the first thing noticed by the throngs of boys and jealous girls in middle school, those bouncy, fleshy mounds, the first thing noticed and remembered.

What everyone remembers! A far cry from what the controlling fashion world tries to shove down our throats with the shapeless, stick like, 12 year olds that are forced to parade women’s clothes down the runways of the fashion capitals, awkwardly sexing it up. Boobs, the life giving force to spur on sexual desire, enhance femininity, and present the aura of good health.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours with nipples to match. They are many things, to many people, sexual or not. Whatever they are defined as, it’s very clearly different across, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, age groups, and socio economic classes.

They are part of the multi-million dollar fashion industry, with clothes designed around them, to support them, cover them, cradle them, and put them on display in proud or shameless manners, at the discretion of the person in possession. For those that own the femininity they present, and that includes the X-dresser’s, the power they garner is well known when worn proudly, covered or not.blouse-mesh-crop-top-see-through-sexy

To see and present them in many ways is exciting, empowering, intriguing, sexy, and seriously hot! It doesn’t matter the size, it’s not always about the bigger the better, no not at all. The titties of the not so amply endowed are a real treat to behold bra free, with erect nipples poking through a tight sweater, or supporting the wetness of a clinging t-shirt or bikini top. For those opting for full coverage, braless seems to be the way they are being worn free to swing and sway under loose fitting tops teasing onlookers. However full coverage doesn’t mean “full coverage” unable to see, fashion has provided the overtly confident with shear fabrics made into clothes that allow stolen glimpses of the flesh beneath for that added bit of salacious titillation.

Admit it! You LOVE to see them to! Men, women, of all kinds, even the gay men have their tit fetish and can be found motor boating a set if given the opportunity. Cleavage seen protruding from a low cut top given serious support from a push-up or demi-bra always elicits attention from onlookers, on the street, the office, work, play, in burlesque shows, on beaches, Vegas style performances, attention that is positive.

Walking-BoobsLet me stress thought that just because you see a set of beautiful juicy knockers passing you by, does not give you license to touch, gawk, voice an opinion, or in general be a rude and complete asshole! Dressing provocative does not mean a person “deserves it,” we’ve all heard enough stories from the law courts and media about the issue of consent coupled with the idea “that she deserved it, look what she was wearing!”  I can’t begin to tell you how ridiculous that truly is.

Thanks for the “slutwalk”! Women and their supporters dressing how they want to make a point about consent!

Given the opportunity through consent all folks love to give a squeeze, nibble, touch, caress, look, it human nature, and yes, they are deemed a sex element in 90% of cultures around the world, and I am all for it! Call me a misogynist, I don’t care!himba woman

For many women they are taking back ownership of the term “tit’s up” a term that was generally perceived as a negative, indicating that things had gone south for situations generally positive. How would “tit’s up” have meant that? Doesn’t tits up indicate all things positive? Not like “fried eggs on a coat hanger” as I’ve heard time and time again indicating a negative, yet there again in many other cultures flat pendulous breasts indicate female fertility. Different for all as I mentioned before.

However you define them, juggs are great, and if you don’t have them, or have to ample a bosom, get to your doctor, there is certainly a solution, especially for those living in a western culture with access to medical services. Do your research though, you wouldn’t want to end up in a back room situation with an unqualified “surgeon”.

Boobs, what more can I say?

rest boobs

Let me make it all better, come rest your head on my………….








They get attention! Have a look!