Tidbits; Sex Workers & Violence

Abolitionists are continually telling folks that sex workers don’t have a choice, nor have the ability to make their own choices. What makes them the experts behind their religious front. Did they ask sex workers? Did they ask the other thousands out there? NO, because they don’t want you to have a choice, they don’t want to give you a choice, they don’t want you to have the freedom to make your own choice. Only they are the ones allowed to have a choice in their eyes, and that is frightening, because some politicians are listening, and when one option for choice is taken away, thus begins the trickle down effect diminishing our ability for further choices to be made.

What this rhetoric does is perpetuate the notion that sex workers are putting themselves in dangerous positions on a continual basis, and that it is ok to beat and hurt them, no matter what service it is they are providing. All because they are making bad choices, choices they aren’t capable of making. What they are not saying is that violence of any kind is not acceptable on any level, that’s what’s wrong, and I can’t even begin to tell you the reasons for which are plainly visible to see!

Let me ask;  as a sex worker who chose to be do the job they are doing did you sign up for violence?

I bet not.

Let me ask this then; did you sign up for a beating when you married the love of your life?

Did you expect to die as an employee of Money Mart after you befriended the one who killed you? As happened to Kelly Kaler and all these others seen here.

Violence of any kind is unacceptable, on any level, against anyone, in any occupation.

Sex workers are no different, sex work is an occupation involving choice! As do all occupations!

Here is a little video, a touching video, a sexy video, maybe a little sad, and involves choice.

I ask, what makes violence ok for any reason?

The Trail’s End *FULL FILM* from David Rosenbaum on Vimeo.