Sexy This Week; Shoulders


Shoulders, the nice broad shoulders of a man atop a perfectly sculpted V-shaped torso, crafted ever so carefully at the gym, or part of the natural physical make-up for those gifted through good genetics. Rounded strong shoulders that curve into deep valleys to bulge over mountainous biceps. Shoulders caressed by eager hands and looked upon by doting eyes, strong shoulders well shaped, and defined are what’s sexy this week.

The highly sought after shape by masculine men for the upper body is the afore mentioned V-shape that begins with a small waist and flares out to either side of the collar bone. For some it begins with the muscular and well defined pelvic lines that disappear into the garments worn on the lower half of the body.

shoulder-back-musclesShoulders under tailored and perfectly pressed and fitted dress shirts, or casually draped with a light t-shirt allowing fabric to cling to muscled blades that conjure visions of touching, caressing with gentle finger tips, or be scratch, to dig in with long nails in the heat of passion. Strong shoulders that appear to keep a back erect and upright, held back to push a muscular chest forward, and support strong well defined arms.

Watching muscled shoulders from behind lifting heavy objects, muscles contracting and relaxing with the stress and strain of hard labour, shoulder blades beginning to glisten with a light coating of sweat. Shoulders spreading wide, growing as arms reach out to grip and grab, only to retract again as a pleading whisper emerges that dreams of a repeat performance.

Fantasies of strong shoulders sweat covered under a hot sun. The desire to massage and knead shoulders freeing them of the stress and knots, to slowly lean in for a kiss, a lick, a gentle nibble. Shoulders that spin away replaced with a chest that lays across you heaving in unison to smother and hold you down in place like weights of flesh, hot, heaving, sweaty. Shoulders to reach around and softly touch or dig in deep with with long nails and hold on for another ride of your life.shoulder-in-bed