Sexy This Week; Life That’s Sexy and Beautiful

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Albeit a few days late this week, but only for a few reasons. My original intention of Sexy This Week was to stimulate thought, and create a happy awareness of life and the lovely elements that make up our daily lives. Elements that in my eyes, and those of many others, are sexy and beautiful, sexy and beautiful enough to put a smile on a dull face, and make a gloomy mind blossom into colourful thoughts of epic proportions. Life that’s sexy and beautiful, that’s whats sexy this week.

One of my reasons for the delay in getting this out to all you sexy readers, is recently I was asked what sexy this week was all about. Was it about sex, about things sexy, getting stimulated for sex, or feeling good? For some reason I was stumped by that question and four myself over analyzing the depths of what an answer was to be. Stumped to the point of complication, Sexy This Week came about as a result of simple thought, quick, simple thought void of complications hot on the heals of the “KISS” running through orchard field

Sexy This Week is inspired, and written weekly, and definitely coincides with the changing seasons. Seasons that change elementally, and physically, that also includes the minds and attitudes of the folks out there affected by those changes. Inspiration that comes from minute variations in attitudes, attitudes that know we are affected differently by the changing seasons. Seasons like the fall, winter months enjoyed over the spring, and summer. Seasons that many prefer to leave behind, like the fall, spring seasons  to enjoy the winter, summer months, and vice versa.

Living in an environment that provides those dramatic changes makes for some serious stimulation, good or bad, and given my attitude, I like to find the good in all the bad of those dramatic changes. If it’s raining and cold out, have a warm candle lit bath. If it’s hot and muggy, strip down and enjoy the heat across naked, sweaty flesh. Stop to smell the roses in full bloom on a dull day. Inhale deeply, the crisp cold winter air that is biting at a sensitive nose not properly

Find the beauty in your ugly, look for the happy in the otherwise gloomy. Turn that frown upside down and smile from ear to ear. Let your imagination run wild as you did when a child running through an open field, letting the air, bugs, bushes, and nature, nurture and soothe. When life throws you lemons, get busy
making that lemonade! I just happen to like to make it sexy, all the time, cause things sexy, makes people feel good all the time.

Live life and enjoy it to the fullest!