Sexy This Week; Lipstick in Summertime


For those that live in areas where four distinct seasons are what you’re fortunate to indulge year round, such as myself, protection or adornment of some kind for the lips is mandatory. Barometric pressures rise and fall like the underwear of the sexually promiscuous at a constant and consistent rate akin to that of a straight eight cylinder engine roaring up and down the highway. As a result, dryness occurs requiring lubrication to keep things from cracking, drying, and over heating.

Lips are not an engine, but can be worked like one, and still require lubrication to prevent the afore mentioned cracking and dryness that most associate with the colder, dryer seasons. Lubrication that is protection, and cosmetic, with colour additives to enhance and yes, sensualize an orifice overtly fetishized in mainstream media. Lips, generally worn nude in the months not requiring “protection” but seeing lipstick boldly worn in the height of the summer months, elicits stares of shock and awe making lipstick that’s applied in summer, whats sexy this week.applying lipstick2

The application ritual of lipstick has been viewed by almost all on the planet, most notably during fall, winter, and spring seasons. The summer when lips don’t dry out in contrast to that of the winter, lips suffering the freeze dry effect from the cold outdoors and artificially heated indoors. The summer has lipstick switched out like a winter wardrobe, never to coat soft fleshy mounds until the fall chill again sets in, lips left to breathe nude in the most hospitable climate of the summer.

For those daring and brave enough, lipstick is worn all year long, and newbies quickly understand the power a good slathering of lipstick has over folks.. In that time they learn the power from the attention it commands during the application process! Painting luscious vibrant colour across warm lips, swollen and moist, hot, ripe, vibrant, and delicious!

Pouty, full, red, juicy lips void of cosmetic enhancement, that begin to quiver and tremble when lipstick slowly rises from a tube gently twisted from the metal casing of protection, protection that usually lies buried at the bottom of a purse or pocket.

Lipstick risen, brought slowly to full lips in heat, heat of anticipation of the glistening colour to be applied, lipstick that flows across lips swollen with blood, nerves alert tingling with anticipation. Lipstick that melts and spreads colour across mischievous pouts hiding deeper desires and actions. Heat from hot lips that melts wax on skin, glistening, shining, dripping from corner to corner.

lips-lipstickPouty, plump lips ready to be kissed, licked, nibbled. Ready to open wide………