Tidbits; A Little Raunch Please!

velvet steele catsuit

Messing up the sheets with passionate, romantic sex is always on the table. Everyone of all sexes loves to be wined, dined, and romanced as enticement for sexual activity. Lit candles, flowers, chocolates, gifts, generally lay the ground work for the type of sex a person is about to have, romantic, loving sex. Sex that is definitely with it’s merit, because sex of any kind, at anytime, is always good, and as we all know good for many reasons. However, what if a little raunch is what you’re wanting? How do you get it, ask for it, and what’s it that you’re hoping for or wanting?

How does the cute brunette that loved to be passionately kissed while in the missionary position, go to doggy style being pummelled at the speed of light with her hair held like the reigns of a thoroughbred in a dead heat for winning the Brown Derby? The sexual practices indulged as youth were for the most part a serious learning curve, an educational journey that got us to the types of play we enjoy as determined adults. What was once loved and cherished as the sometimes awkward sexual activities for most in their youth, is not the case anymore.

For various reasons we have adapted, made a few additions, or stopped certain habits all together. Sufficed to say, that as we mature, so do our tastes and practices.pulling_hair

For beneath that facade of innocence presented by most people, lurks a willing beast ready to be awakened if it hasn’t been already. All it takes is a little encouragement to free the beast. Thinking about it? Then why not read about it, look at some pictures, view some pornography, or if you have friends open enough to talk with, then just ask! Granted conversation can be much harder to engage in, especially if your shy. Then again how are you to tell the person your knocking boots with presently that a little, or a lot of “hanky spanky” is what your needing with that action? Suck it up I say and just do it, they may be into the same thing as you, and you just don’t know it. They may even have something to teach you.

Learning the “basics” of sex is difficult enough, but throw in activities at an intermediate level, or even advanced, and your almost shit out of luck! Stuff we didn’t learn in sex ed, if you were lucky enough to even get that in grade school. In the big cities your sure to find courses or books offered at your local adult store on the latest and greatest of sex, just ask if it is not readily available, the attendant should be able to guide you to a resource. Smaller communities have it tough, especially in the bible belts or towns of rural bum fuck wherever. Think for a moment, could you imagine asking your local pastor the type of lube to use to take it up your ass if it’s your first time? Probably not the person you want to ask, or maybe it is.

sexy-nun-and-priestThe internet is a great resource and thanks for it, but still be wary! There are a lot of places to get info, some great, some good, and some downright ugly. Chat rooms offer a lot of advice from experienced players, but that doesn’t mean they know it all as well, and that certainly doesn’t mean that what they say is the gospel truth. You need to take away from it what works for you! We are not all the same here, and activity levels of tolerance cannot be expected to be that of a 20 year veteran. Another cautionary bit? Always be wary of advice given by those in chat rooms you are unfamiliar with, there are a lot of manipulative folks out there, liars, and down right dangerous individuals preying on the naive. Until you are comfortable in any given chat room always proceed with caution and when in doubt follow one of the best methods, that of word of mouth from a trusted source!

Another great resource online is reading articles. There are lots of them out there, and most good and reputable sites, retail sites, usually have an expert writing on subject matter that pertains to you. It also doesn’t hurt to cross reference articles from one author to that of another.  This is where you can get the best perspective, and by reading articles, your not obliged to chime in like you would in a chat room.

Do your research, plenty of information is available no matter where you look you just have to put in the effort to finding it. Keep in mind this is not about delving deeper and deeper into the world of BDSM, Sado Masochism, or extreme fetish, but more about exploring yourself and who you are! Just because you like your hair pulled and being rammed hard doggy style, does not necessarily mean you like extreme bondage with your nipples weighted.  Now does it?