Sexy This Week; Cuddling


Cuddle; to hold (someone or something) in your arms in order to show affection for prolonged periods. Some would argue that it is generally done while laying down, before, or after sexual activity. Regardless of what your definition is, all agree that a good cuddle is a great form of stress release enjoyed by all including the roughest, and toughest on the block. To open up emotionally and unfold those arms to wrap tightly around someone else or your favourite teddy bear squeezing tight, that’s what’s sexy this week.

Cuddling is an ingrained action that most likely stems from a genetic predisposition

that we all have from birth as exemplified by a child hugging tightly to the brightly coloured stuffed toy for comfort and affection. Animals of all kinds love the solace, dogs, cats, lions, tigers, bears, bats, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys; cuddle toys used to soothe the young. Adult human beings are no different, needing the comfort of another for whatever reason, locked in a tight embrace using arms or entwined in a leg lock that mimics a good game of twister.

A cuddle puddle of arms, legs, bellies, backs and bums. Spooning belly to back with legs bent pushing into those in front, with arms wrapped around a torso to have hands and fingers locked together in an even tighter embrace. To drift off into a light nap, or deep slumber in total comfort with a subconscious imagination that conjures up delightful, beautiful visions to calm an over active mind.cuddling-in-bed

Bodies of varying temperatures, the refreshing feel of a cool body sneaking in beside a warm one, heat on heat, cool on cool. A hairy body next to a smooth one, hairy to hairy, smooth next to smooth, touching fabric that raises goose bumps against soft and hard flesh.

Muscles against soft squishy flesh, muscle against muscle, soft flesh melding into soft, the smell of hair, perfume, and body.

Soothing comfort………..