Sexy This Week; Bed Hair

It is the accessory that adorns our heads, and for those of us that have it, we’ve spent, by the times our lives on this plane have fizzled out, thousands of dollars washing, conditioning, cutting, chemically treating, and styling it. Our hair. The crowning glory for many, century after century the first thing noticed on a person before a wardrobe, and hygiene. Shiny, lustrous, healthy hair, styled to perfection always garners the attention of the passing admirer, but a head of hair tousled to extremes fresh from a bedroom romp alway gets the double take and that’s what’s sexy this week.

Hair that begins as a work of art from the ritual of a 15 to 20 minute prep, ready for the world reveal, a part of daily life, quickly settles as the elements of the day permeate every strand weighing it down, dulling it’s sheen. Hair that with a quick freshen, is ready for an evening of play, an evening on the town, some debbie harrywining, dining, and dancing, or just a business meeting.

Either way it is hair that needs by this time, a little special attention, attention to liven it up again, whip it up into a frothy, sexy mess. One need not look further than Blondie’s Debbie Harry, she epitomized the look from the eighties and brought it into daily life. Product companies know the worth of hair like this and created the products to match the demand.

Frothy, sexy hair that leaves the viewer dreaming up illicit fantasies of being that stylist on a mission to create the next award winning creation using only a pillow, some sheets, hands, heat, friction and sweat.

straight-messy-hairHair that allows finger tips to worm their way through to a sweaty scalp only to grip it at the root, and pull! Pull hard, forcing the recipient to follow that pull deeper into a soft pillow, hair to be rubbed against downey soft fibres. Strands of hair that make their way into a mouth from the actions of a thrashing head in the throes of ecstasy, hair tipped in saliva and soaked in sweat. Hair that flies across a flushed face, rosy from the rise in circulation of blood flow from activities that slowly begin to pick up the pace.

Hair being matted into new exciting shapes, rubbed, pulled, chewed, a shape growing on the back of a head writhing back and forth, pushed and pulled into rhythmic motion unrepeated. Faster and faster, harder and harder, thrusting deeper and deeper………