Tidbits; SeXXXting

ass sexxxting

Now that cell phones are, for the most part, a worldwide device, communication has gotten just that much easier. In the early days of the phone there was a combination of letters and numbers used to identify where your call was to be directed after calling in to an operator. The movie, Butterfield 8, with Elizabeth Taylor exemplified that ever so perfectly, a film I highly recommend!

Beyond all that dialling, pressing buttons with numbers on them is texting. The not so new method of communication. Texting, the pressing of buttons with letters on them, we all know what it is, and do it religiously. Although first designed to be used for another reason, it morphed into a form of communication the inventors never intended to be used the way it is today, for SEXXXTING! (my spelling and I am sticking to it!!) What older folk called phone sex, only sexxxting leaves little to the imagination.

We’ve all used transportation of some kind, not just the bus, but trains, planes, bikes and automobiles and been witness to 90% of mobile phone users with heads bowed downwards religiously texting with fevered abandon, completely oblivious to their surroundings. Why I’ll bet your bottom dollar you’ve walked smack into someone or something while walking on the sidewalk caught in the throes of your own texting ecstasy. Texting ecstasy that has led to laws being created prohibiting the use of these devices unless hands free when it comes to distracted driving, and of course for good reason.

sexxxting boobs

just a little sweaty

The micro keyboards on all devices have earned most users the dubious title of the “one fingered” or “two fingered” bandits typing at lighting speed. Eager players send and receive messages of tease and denial all in the privacy of the palm of their hand, and delete that message thread from prying eyes just as fast. If of course your smart enough to remember to do so.

Attached at the hip as we all are now, these devices pretty much can handle all the tasks required to function in the business world, and the world of dirty, horny minds. It’s as easy as typing a message, attaching a visual, sending, and voila, instant sexxxting! Yes the onboard camera captures video and photo, which affords us the ability to give play by play action of what is going on in the world of the sender, in real time, to the receiver, who for the most part is stuck somewhere attending to something not as exciting. Why interrupt with a call, when you can send a text accompanied with some visuals and plant the seed? Let’s be honest, listening to the boss ramble on about company profits and forecasts is not as exciting as watching or reading a text detailing an anal adventure with way to much lube, involving toys that look like they’re from outer space. Is it now?

That is why we text, so as not to disturb, and keep conversations away from ears that eavesdrop a little to close. Yet there are those that don’t mind a little dirty talk for others to hear, but most don’t want to be answering back via voice, especially if that someone is a full on macho man on the outside but a little sissy slut

sexxxting legs

have I come undone?

on the inside finding it difficult to answer Mistress back about how soft and silky sissy’s new pantyhose feel under sissy’s dress pants.

Voice is obviously faster for message relay, and texting almost just as fast with the short form that evolved with it and still does. Keep in mind texting utilizes abbreviated forms, e-mail does not, just keeping it grammatically correct.

Stories of overzealous parents are cropping up everywhere, worried about their teens engaged in sexting. Recent studies claim that as much as 39% of teens and 59% of young adults have sexted at least once.

A word of caution from the folks at NoSlang;

Amongst teens who are curious about sex and sexuality, sexxting is a natural progression- but it can have consequences. If you suspect your teen is sexting, you should talk to them about the dangers of sending out pictures.

In most states, teens caught with “sexting pictures” on their phones can actually be charged with possession of child porn – even if they themselves are under 18, and sometimes even if the images are of themselves.

It’s also a good idea to remind your teen that those images can be permanent. It may seem fun and risky to send sexy pictures to a current boyfriend, but what happens if the relationship ends? Can that person really be trusted not to do anything with those images? It’s not a chance your teen should take.
Sorry, what was that you just said? I got a little distracted!


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