Sexy This Week; Legs

womens legs

The long appendages attached to our lower pelvis enabling us to get from point A to point B, or so the design goes. Legs in all lengths, shapes, sizes, thicknesses. Shapley curved, strong and hard, smooth or hairy. Legs that get worked over hard at the gym, toning and tightening, making muscles bulge, or shrink and flatten out. Luscious legs, that’s what’s sexy this week!

Care of the legs takes on a whole new meaning, a difference seriously visible from men to women. Most women taking great care to make them smooth and shapely, and the men strong and hairy. Shaving, waxing, lasering for the gals, and squats, and leg presses for the guys.

Smooth shapely legs that peek out through the slit of a skirt, or on full view from toes on up to abruptly end, stopping the journey of the eyes at a pair of shorts or skirt. Smooth shapely legs dreamt of being touched, caressed, or artfully covered over in a pair of stockings or's legs

Strong hairy legs that exude confidence from a walk of strength and determination rubbing up against pants, be they dress pants or construction. Muscles that rub and bulge against fabric that tease the viewer with excitement. Strong, bulging thighs in need of a firm grip, to feel soft hair under eager palms.

Legs that get closer to another pair, gently making contact, thigh to thigh, knee to knee. Hands that reach down to slide over buttocks, to slide finger tips over around thighs, forward on legs and back again. Hands on the backs of thighs just below a quivering ass, pulling tighter and closer, pressing harder, feeling muscle and hair, feeling smooth soft skin, grinding against one another.

entwined legsLegs wishing to be entwined, to mingle like the tentacles of an octopus, holding on as though an extension of hands. Legs eager to be spread by probing thighs, legs slowly wrapping around thighs, thighs in a tight grip being pulled in closer, closer to nether regions on hot fire.