Sexy This Week; Curves


Models of the current fashion runways are younger, paler, harbour a vacant look with eyes that reveal little to no soul, and they are THIN! Unnervingly thin and in sharp contrast to the models that graced the pages of the fashion magazines prior to the mid sixties. It wasn’t an overnight thing but a gradual change that folks have noticed and protested against, only to fall on the deaf ears of fashion’s dictatorial elite.

Board like figures void of any shape and curves do not illicit the desires to touch, hold, and caress, but rather shun and give the urge to buy the girl a box of donuts. Curvy, shapely, healthy bodies do command the touch reflex, and if not to touch, then to look, look long and hard, because curves are what’s sexy this week.

When going through puberty, the first things the over excited remember is the developing curves of the girl at the desk beside them. The changing landscapvelvetsteele_backsidee that begins sprouting, slowly growing to a full bloom. A landscape that develops deep valleys, and serious peaks, a landscape of skin that becomes soft, glows, and breathes new life from the pulsing blood beneath supplying the necessary nutrients for the garden to bloom in full glory, a life attracting glory. 

Glory that remains into adulthood, the landscape, skin, and hair, touchable, caressed, soft curvy flesh! To run fingers over the deep waisted indentations, only to rise over full hips, to follow long luscious legs to wiggling toes, legs imagined wrapped tight around your body pressing wet heat against your loins. Curves of full breasts rising on a frame that heaves with each breath, slowly, deeply, breasts envisioned pressed hard against your own chest to heave in unison. 

A rhythmic magic maintained with hands gripped firmly on the soft flesh of an ass so round you want to squeeze it harder to feel the rhythm build and work it in unison while a round soft sexy belly rubs against your own. Heaving, rubbing. touching, caressing, rising goose bumps, and sweet illicit shivers. 

Lips on full lips, the gentle curve of a long neck close to your mouth, arousing scents, a mouth slowly opening to reveal teeth eager to nibble the soft flesh of that long curved neck…………