Tidbits; Shit, Shower, and a Shave


I’ve been asked the question; “what do you do to keep looking the way you do?” many times, and I’ve gone through the answer at great length many times, so I thought I would share a little bit of that here.

Looking and feeling good takes time and effort, so yes, it does bother me when folks tell me; “it’s easy for you to get up and look they way you do!”, another statement I get a lot of. Well let me tell you, just like everyone else, I have to get up in the morning and do the proverbial shit, shower and shave! I apologize for the crass description, but it’s a saying we’ve all heard many times before and is the perfect way to describe it.

Agreed, good genetics do a play a part, but for me, cosmetically, I’ve also done a few things along the way to look the way I want by improving on what I was given at birth. These are things that I chose to do, not anyone else, I am my own mind and body able to make my own decisions.

Aside from the major change of SRS performed by a surgeon in England, I’ve also had rhinoplasty to take down a large nose and very pointed tip, a procedure that came with serious complications adding to a total of five surgeries on this nose. Next up, abdominal liposuction under twilight drip, and an office revision under local sedation, which was not at all pleasant. I’ve had breast augmentation originally to a 36 C, which with hormones have now grown to a “G” cup with my breast mass exceeding the implant making me, a very happy camper!

My upper front teeth have been treated with porcelain. I’ve had botox injected into my forehead, chin, and around my eyes and filler along my marionette lines and lips. I’ve had laser hair removal done on Tidbits SHit shower shave #1my neck, and face, and about to start bikini line treatments. I’ve had cool sculpting done to my abdominals after the abdominal liposuction that wasn’t a roaring success.

I use a home laser for hair removal upkeep and a home fraxel laser for facial firming. I do have plans for future treatments as I mature, (since I hate the word ageing) and will keep up the treatments as time goes by. 

Ok so now you know my secrets, but that by no stretch of the imagination means I am sitting on my ass doing nothing. I eat healthy foods, take vitamins daily, and exercise 6 days a week with and without a trainer. I use my lotions and potions to keep my skin and hair looking good and my sex life running smooth! I primp and preen each and every morning before I run out the door and face the world, from washing my face, to make-up and hair,  and my teeth!

I am sure you can imagine what my daily schedule consists of, and if you can’t, well let’s just say it’s very full. What I am trying to stress here is that no one looks camera ready without some effort, not even the highest paid supermodel, actress or actor. Helena Rubinstein of Helena Rubinstein Cosmetics once said; “there are no ugly women, only lazy ones!” and the same holds true of the men.

For those that hold a certain aesthetic of themselves, taking care of that aesthetic requires care that one should be proud of, and we know there will always be those that are envious and hate that aspect of those that put in the time. Haters are gonna hate on any level. For me I love all shapes and sizes, and what makes those people sexy is the confidence behind them. Tidbits SHit shower shave #2Confidence is seriously sexy and attractive!

Commitment to your cause is also key, you have to stick with it no matter how daunting the task can get. For me, I work hard, and play hard, and that means if I have overindulged a little the day or night before, I still follow through the next day with my commitment to myself.

A bit of advice? Before embarking on your quest make sure you do your research on whatever facet it is that requires some knowledge. That means your choice of cosmetic surgeon, dietician, stylist, manicurist, therapist, personal trainer, the list is endless, and the best way to to do research is not only through brochures and reading but by word of mouth. I have done my fair share of what I thought was good sound research, and still ended up with some negative results. Just ask I’ll tell you.

You need to look listen and learn, wisely!