Sexy This Week; The SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy)


Men are forever under pressure to be the strong ones, never to show emotion, express their true feelings, talk their true feelings, or cry, and certainly not in public! This makes it difficult for those that are in a relationship with these men, whether it be friends or deeper to have them be expressive. Pent-up emotions create a multitude of stressful situations for both parties, and that’s just not fair. We as human beings need to talk and show emotion, that’s what makes us human, and social. Men that show all of those qualities are certainly unique, few and far between, and something to be cherished.

Meet the SNAG, the sensitive new age guy, able to be expressive yet still masculine, that’s what’s SEXY THIS WEEK!

Without communication that’s two sided, one party is always going to be felt left out, left with unfinished business, unresolved issues, frustrated, and not in the sexual sense! When a man shuts down to “deal with their own shit”, let me tell you guys, you’re NOT! Emotions are sometimes hard to control and present a serious challenge to do so, but to internalize them is not the answer. Shutting out those that can listen, soothe, or help, only creates tension.lap man

Ok so enough psycho babble, you know where I am going with this, as I could go on but SEXY THIS WEEK is about being short, sweet, and to the point. 

Just suck it up and be a man, be man enough to let your guard down and show what masculinity is really all about. Lay your head down across that lap and let fingers glide through your hair, across your skin to soothe a tense, and tight scalp. Close your eyes and drift off to allow your mind to free those locked thoughts to pass your lips with each caress of your scalp as you grip the legs that support your heavy head. 

Fingers that are now trailing the length of your spine as you utter words of relief while your back gently arches with the sensation of the tickles that those soothing fingers and nails produce. Walls crumble to allow a single solitary tear emerge that slowly drops from red watery eyes to run down a stubbled cheek, only to be caught by the hand cradling that heavy head to be wiped away. Hands that gently pat and stroke a head free from the emotions tightly locked away that are now slowly beginning to lift and drift off and beyond.

Come on, are you man enough?