Tidbits; Masturbation Antics


Like most human beings I know, I am horny a lot, yearly, daily, hourly…….ok pretty much all the time, and NEED to rub one out daily or I get a wee bit cranky to say the least! Just as everyone else does, I have my routine when getting down to business for a little alone time and trust me it doesn’t include anyone else in the picture except the visuals supplied by my laptop. My alone time is just that, alone time that I cherish for a little, and usually a lot of stress relief. At this point I am focused on me, myself, and I, and I’m not saying I’m selfish here, to the contrary, I’m an enthusiastic lover, always eager to pull my own weight, but one thing we can all agree on is the necessary quality of uninterrupted alone time. There’s nothing like it!

At any rate there I was itching to flick the bean, armed with my trusty laptop, I seated myself at the island of my kitchen ever so precise to angle my barstool, laptop, lube and legs in place. With one foot up on the counter and the other over on the matching stool, I headed on over to one of my favourite HD geek porn sites to find something new for today’s stimuli. Yes, I like geek porn, there’s something about nerds, books, glasses, and passionate rough housing I just cant put my finger on, ok scratch that, I definitely know where I am putting my fingers, but geek porn turns me on big time!

Surf’s up, and after a bit of riding the waves, I find what I am after. A movie with a big strapping tattooed man, pretending to do right with his manipulative, controlling parole officer. He’s hot, she’s hot, and the outfits work perfect along with his performance as a young, ex-con gangster trying to do right which deserves an award of some kind, an award I’d be willing to give him!

Fast forward, (which I didn’t actually do because I do like a good story) and they were fast and “hard” at it across the office desk of ripped up papers and notes. His perfect portrayal of innocence and a guilt ridden psyche eager to be a good boy in society, and her authoritative, nasty control over him roused some serious emotions within me. The sex was ferocious, the lube was poured a few times, and I was going to town.Tidbits, masturbation antics

Rubbing, rewinding, fast forwarding, back and forth, feeling the wave building, it was going to be good! Not that it had been a long time since the last “rub”, this one was feeling, well, pretty damn good! We’ve all been there, you get one going and you can feel the intense waves building as you egg it on harder, faster, with more pressure than the last time, or so we like to think.

And there it was, the point of no return! I was well beyond it, and the freight train, was going to hit with full force, and hit it did! I wasn’t sure if it was in my brain or my genitals where the tidal waves of sensation first came, but to be honest I think they hit at exactly the same time in both areas! 

My back arched sharply, and quickly, pushing my belly forward as my head flung backwards with my eyes rolling up into my head blurring my vision for a few short seconds. My leg on the matching barstool quickly jolted into a plank straight position while my foot and toes where immediately cramped into a pointed position as though a pair of my sky high stilettos and been magically slipped on. My left leg, foot, and toes, did exactly the same. 

The knee jerk reaction had jolted me hard, and now, had me falling backwards in the stool, falling backwards towards what was behind me, my ottoman, carpet and floor! It was a scene far better than a choreographed car crash accident in a big budget movie. My arms were now flying up and over my head as I quickly flew backwards in the throes of pleasure and soon to be after glow, unable to brace or stop my sudden airborne adventure. The ottoman broke my fall, but not the journey of the stool which hit the floor with a loud and furious crash.

As I laid there, I realized I was still doing so in the throes of after glow, a glow that soon faded to laughter from the impact that orgasm had. That was intense! All I could now think of was what my neighbours might be thinking? I didn’t care about the ones in the adjacent buildings as my curtains are always open as I can attest to in this story, but in particular the man who lives below me, the one who likes to complain if he hears wind passing! It was loud, it was crazy, it was fun and I was ready if he decided to pay a visit and knock with a complaint!

Ouch is that a bruise?