Tidbits; Sextoy Ergonomics

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Ergonomic; (especially of workplace design) intended to provide optimum comfort and to avoid stress or injury.

Ok so for all you aficionados of sextoys, ergonomic is a term I am sure you’ve heard enough times as they try to shove it down our throats or better yet up our asses all in an attempt to sell more of the latest and “greatest” new designs from manufacturers and designers the world over.  Big surprise, but our bodies are not the geometric shapes structured the way a life drawing class would have you believe, but an organic body with enough twists and turns to leave a person dizzy. The realistic also know that human beings have orifices that are NOT as deep or as wide as the grand Canyon, although I know a lot who are certainly willing and in some cases able to handle the larger than life sizes.

With things that large, they can only be displayed in what I lovingly call the art section of the sex shop, cause really all you can do is prop them up and blow kisses at it them right? Wrong! As humans we are alway testing the boundaries of what will give us pleasure, from the most basic to the most intricate. Devices that operate under the power of your own manual manipulation to those offering variation, speeds and sensations electrically powered.

It doesn’t end there, the new shapes and designs are now taking on a life of their own to be better accommodated by what the designers are finally sitting up and taking notice of; the humantoys body! It does twist, it does turn, it’s soft fleshy shell, and warm moist openings require items that will get in there to stimulate what the user is after. Items that have some strange shapes with twists, turns, curves, nubs, and buttons to get at what they are supposed to get at. 

I am not saying that the old basics aren’t capable, they certainly are, but the new shapes gaining speed to make it to the market of eager users can, and in most cases, put a smile on your face. That is of course once you have gotten past the puzzled look and feelings of confusion you may have. I’ll admit, on more than one occasions to have found myself uttering the words “what the fuck”, but once that was said and done it’s quickly clear what that item is for and whether or not it’s a good design or bad! Ask any toy reviewer out there, and there are certainly enough of them, and they’ll all tell you the same thing as to whether it is a good one, or simply a dud. 

Call it intuition, but in the world of industrial design, there are just some things out there that are so far off the map that you’ve got to wonder what the actual purpose was of that latest creation. Was it an after thought, to make a quick buck, or an idea that just should just have never made it off he drawing board? I’ll admit to being a little eager to trying something new that really never should have made it out of the gate, but given that’s what I do, I am ok with that, but are you?

Some of these funky designs are seriously expensive, so it should come as no surprise if it doesn’t make it out of the gate for a photo finish. Just because it looks cool, or IS the latest and billed the greatest, doesn’t mean it is, take your time, do your homework, even ask!

I’ll tell you!