Sexy This Week; Rain



I live in Vancouver! It has milder weather than the rest of this big beautiful country I call my home, Canada. With that comes the rain, rain that keeps the grass green, the trees lush, the flowers in full bloom, and even tops up the water sheds that provide most folks in the lower mainland with one of the life giving nutrients most creatures on this planet need. However, it doesn’t rain as much as everyone else seems to think it does, but when it does, it’s a welcome change to the seasons we experience here in Vancouver, one that is warmly welcomed, and its the rain that’s sexy this week.

Watching the darkened clouds billow in over the city skyline gearing up for a release of always fresh smelling, cooly tingling drops of rain is always exciting. A sight packed with as much emotion as the blanket of fog that gently unfurls itself over the city moving eastward from the harbour inland through the downtown streets onward to the pathways of the parks. Sexy to say the least watching nature do what it does best, LIVE!wet chest

The exhilaration of being outside getting caught in the rain as the clouds open up to spray the terrain below, terrain that includes life and bodies. Watching the plants come to life feeding off the clear liquid from the heavens above. Feeling the water sensitize the dry cheek of a face that slowly looks to the sky raising an upturned palm up to see if it was real or a figment of an over active imagination. The cool palpations across a scalp as those drops seep through overly styled hair with to much product on, only to realize it just doesn’t matter as it feels so good! Drops that wend their way through strands of hair to gently kiss and caress a forehead before being wiped away.

Rain that builds intensity with each splash of a single drop onto clothes that slowly becomes wet, see through, sticking to your goose pimpled flesh beneath. Water that’s seeped through clothes now laying heavier across skin revealing a muscled landscape. A feeling not unlike the sweat that beads on hot skin from a warm day, a good workout, or the intense stimulation from sex so explosive or the thoughts of the sex yet to come. 

Go get wet, that’s what sexy this week!