Tidbits; Opinion, “The Bullshit Barrier”

teddy bear hug

It seems that folks are going through something these days, a lot of something, break-ups, job loss, the loss of loved ones, serious transitions & transformations, and I am not sure if it has something to with planetary alignment or energy shifts, but it’s some serious shit! There has been, and are many a conversation going on out there about the feelings and acknowledgement of this shift, and one thing that is for sure is the lack of emotional protection or advance warning when something does happen. The wall, that proverbial wall we build around our emotions to keep us guarded and strong seems to be crashing down hard, and for so many, with some serious consequences.

If your looking for sexy chat, this probably won’t float your boat so I warn you now, but in all honesty I think this is a good read!

An idea that came from a recent conversation was the erection of a “Bullshit” Barrier, an invisible force field to be erected around our emotions protecting ourselves from disappointment, locked_emotionsrejection, hurt, basically what fucks a person up! Well that’s what came of that conversation, and I for one am going with it.

We all like to think of ourselves as strong all the time, able to handle what gets thrown our way, and like the water off a ducks back, it just rolls off. Right? Wrong! Today’s world is getting much more fast paced, at the rate of 100kph, with sometimes nowhere else to go but into a brick wall, and that’s just not fun. Nothing seems to be sacred anymore and all it takes is a visit to the nearest internet social site to see what is being posted. People are posting any, and everything, from what they ate that day to what they spent at the local store. Most importantly their thoughts, inner most sensitive thoughts as though a social site is their personal counsellor. This kind of public sharing is just not good, at least not all the time, and as we have seen of late, the amount of senseless bullying, manipulation, coercion, and attacks on the vulnerable by dumb assed psychos living on the other side of the planet. Attacks that have had some serious consequences. 

Why? Who truly knows, I can only share my beliefs and opinions from my own observations that come from years of standing behind a salon chair, spent listening to the stories of my many clients, and the fetish clients I’ve been blessed to indulge with. I’ve met a lot of people and will continue to do so, and as a strong person that truly believes in the edict of “live and let live, and love and let love” I am not about to shut that door anytime soon, if ever. I am a good listener, a caring and trustworthy friend and a great lover, but not with out my own weaknesses! Believe it or not, I eat, sleep, breathe, bleed, and wait for it…cry….like everyone else!

What am I saying? Well, what I have noticed is as we experience our meltdowns in this ever increasingly faster world we live in, it is the lack of patience people have in taking a few minutes to listen to the upset that a person may have or is experiencing. I get the idea of moving on from a situation if it doesn’t seem to be coming to the light at the end of that tunnel, I exercise that action to, but taking a few minutes to listen to a friend in need is not a bad thing is it? What about having the balls to even talk about what’s bothering you?

What we forget is that we are not solitary creatures, but social animals in need of a shoulder to cry on or an ear to whisper in. We’ve all heard, and in many cases been taught that men don’t cry, or show emotion, but the same holds true for a lot of women and I am wondering why? Why can’t someone communicate with those they care about or feel good in the company of? Why is everyone, or so many, so content to deal with whatever it is alone? I  for one am not, I communicate, otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this now would I?

What I am proposing is the invention of the “Bullshit Barrier” the invisible force field to filter out all the crap and hurt that affects a person. I don’t know what that is or would look like, but pink-and-white-cute-teddy- bear-pairwouldn’t it be nice to have, to avoid sitting alone, getting caught up in those nasty all consuming thoughts that no one seems to want to hear about? The “Bullshit Barrier” as SEEN ON TV, to filter out what fucks you up, so your not left alone and sad!

Just an idea, in the meantime will you take a hug?