Tidbits; Stockings

Sometimes the summer months bum me out….sometimes! Mostly I miss wearing my stockings or fishnet pantyhose. They feel so great stretched across these legs, well ok, gams! I have legs that go on forever with a 33 inch inseam and let me tell you finding anything to cover them isn’t always easy! Aside from DIM, my new fave brand for sexy coverings happens to be FIORE. Made in Poland, they are structured, strong, and have a multitude of colours, styles, and patterns. Hence why I love wearing fashions create for legs, but not only for the variety, the look, feel, how sexy they make it all, especially when wearing a skirt, dress or little else. My sales rep at Guepard has me sold!

So you can see why when the hot summer months hit, wearing and extra layer on my legs heats me up, and not in a good way. So when I can, I indulge more often than not. Here in North America most wear them for a sexual dressing far removed from the fashion ideal of the 1950’s where stockings were part of the daily trappings of housewives trying to keep up with what fashion designers in gay Paris were dictating. As the times changed, so did the attitude for many North Americans, in Europe however it stayed much the same as it did back in the 50’s. Stockings and pantyhose are still very much a part of the daily attire for the many fashion and business conscious eager to keep up appearances finishing the look from top to bottom, considered to be in poor taste to go without.

Pantyhose developed after stockings, and are the choice of many that prefer to keep it all in one, whereas stockings are without the waistband and full coverage of the crotch leaving it air free. Makes it easy to enjoy the tickle of a cool breeze, something “warmly” welcomed when the weather or the actions get hot from the journey of a set of wandering hands, fingers and tongue. 15) Tidbits; StockingsStockings can be stay-ups, or for the purists, attach to a garter strap to keep them held high up on the leg. Personally I have no preferences, I like them both, as there are times when the bulk of a garter belt or girdle provides to much in the way of lumps and bumps that stay-ups just don’t do.  Each has it’s “ups and downs”, take for instance stay-ups losing elasticity and sliding down the leg requiring a little adjustment to pull them back up, sexy to watch in and of itself. But all of three styles share one nasty trait in common, they can run, tear, get holes in them. Of course wishing to be ever adventurous I just rip them further for that punk chic look.

Legs always draw the eye upward, just like the back seam, upward over shapely calfs, strong thighs, finishing at a juicy butt! Tell me who wouldn’t let them draw your eye upward? I’m game! Stockings and pantyhose are soft to the touch and make the skin so much more….shall we say supple. Stretched across a nice ass, they feel and look heavenly, throw in some colour, patterns, and textures, pantyhose entice even the most shy to cop a look and if lucky enough a feel! Really is it any wonder there are men out there that like to wear them during sex as well? The ass isn’t the only place over active imaginations are being drawn to!

Off for some adjustments, can’t have elephant ankles now!