Sexy This Week; Exercise

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The onset of warmer weather is generally when you see an increase in the last minute efforts being made by many to get that beach ready body. The rise in the numbers of folks sweating it out at the gym or taking it to the streets reminiscent of the broken resolutions from the start of each new year. The ability to keep that pace going year round, day in and day out takes discipline, serious motivation, and a healthy heaping of determination.

Many are no angels when it comes to this and I am no stranger to that having been on and off for the last year and a half when it came
to my own training. Hitting the gym at 6 or 7am is what I am doing now and with a little help, I plan on maintaining the pace at great length. None of us are getting any younger no matter how hard we fight it, or pretend it’s not happening, aging is inevitable. Exercise is hot, and helps minimize the aging process and seeing the gym at that early time of the day with people of all ages sweating it out, it’s that that’s sexy this week!STWE female

Fitness centres are chock full of hot sweaty bodies, heavy breathing, and in various states of undress. The energy is furious, passioned, and positive, and not all the bodies getting a cardio workout are what the magazines try to implore us as perfect specimens. To the contrary. Of course there the “tight and toned” parading round as though they own the world, but you also have the fuller figured real bodies pounding it out on the treadmills or giving it good to the punching bags. The gym is full of people feeling good and wanting to look their best, feeling alive. I for one love it!

Like a virulent disease it’s infectious, the kind of infection anyone would be happy to get a dose of. I love going to the gym and through osmosis I get energized just being there seeing everyone hard at it. Like most, you could say, I feel it! Everyone will admit to not wanting to get out of bed and sleep for that extra 10 minutes, but an extra 10 minutes of what? Sleep? Do you really get that much more energy from 10 minutes? To be honest I would rather get it from 10 minutes of high interval cardio training. I’d rather get it from having my ass busted by my trainers. Yes trainers, one trainer for that high cardio interval training combined with weights, another for TRX Suspension training, and another for advanced stretching techniques. Good trainers should challenge and push you to your limits, at least I think so, for there truly is no gain without pain! Feel the burn!

Exercise is a feast for all the senses, including the mind.

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Visually your checking things out. Hot things!

Your listening. The sounds of the machines whirring away, the weights clanging, the strained grunts, groans, and moans, very similar to those you may hear in your bedroom.

Your smelling it! The combined pungent aroma of bodies hard at work, the sweet smell of lightly perfumed bodies ashamed to admit they have body odour when hard at work. Or the musk!

Your touching. Touching cold or hot metal, the textures of the exercise ball, the smooth feel of a mat, and the grip of rubber.

Now taste that cool water, let it run across your lips into your dry mouth.

Who knows what fantasies are running rampant through your mind, only you can answer that.
What’s stopping you from getting a membership?