Tidbits; The Allure of the Colour Red


According to Wikipedia, “Red is the colour of blood, rubies and strawberries. It is the colour of the wavelength of light from approximately 620–740 nm on the electromagnetic spectrum. Next to orange at the end of the visible spectrum, red is commonly associated with danger, sacrifice, passion, fire, beauty, blood, anger, Christmas, socialism, communism, and in China and many other cultures, with happiness.” Above all it’s exciting, sexy, and turns people on!

Red for all intense purposes attracts attention especially in the context of sex. From lipstick to lingerie, cars to fruit. Just think of those cherries dangling in a pair, ready to be “popped” into your mouth for that bite of juicy goodness across your saliva drenched tongue. Strawberries dipped in chocolate your fancy instead?

Red lipstick has always attracted attention and there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of shades to choose from. Why do plump red lips attract so much attention, (once thought to be a fast track to hell in religious times)? Well it could be the perceived symbolism of fertility, the come hither pout, or just the fact they look so good you want to kiss them, lick them, eat them, or be them! Red painted lips have been around for a long time, dior lipthroughout history, as far back as the Sumerians, who it is said invented the luscious cosmetic application. The Egyptians swore by it, the Greeks, Romans, and Elizabethans. However it did have it’s ups and downs as a fashion statement to the point of being outlawed as a form of witchcraft. Today you see many stars and fashion moguls wearing it boldly on the street, and salaciously during the day! Lips brazenly and boldly going where no lips have gone before, lips worn by women of confidence and pride garnering looks from curious and eager onlookers.

For the most part cars painted red are sleekly designed machines with curves that would rival any sex symbol, ferraricapable of sound breaking speeds and roaring engines. It’s hard not to hear the growls of 400hp plus engines from afar, but when the glimmer of 20 layers of a baked on finish of candy apple gloss red that appears poured over a curvaceous chassis graces the horizon, it’s hard not to be transfixed. Fast, sleek, sophistication, even muscle cars are in on the action.

Red shoes once a sign of nobility, or the trappings of courtesans have kicked their way into mainstream style. Worn as the finishing touch on a set of gams that go on forever, those brave enough to slip on a pair of high red shoesheeled hotties know the attention they’ll get. After the initial captivation by the red shoes, the eye will follow up that leg for the full picture and then back down again, repeatedly. Red shoes on men other than the pope? I think not, let’s just say it’s very cliche and I could throw a million of them out there.

Designers of intimate apparel have been onto this concept for quite some time. They know the power and the allure the colour of red has over the amorous or those looking to be. Combine the endless shades of red with the multitude of fabrics, such as crushed valiserevelvet, PVC, or a splash of patent leather and you have an endless buffet for a feast of the sexual senses.

Taking a cue from nature is just a serious as nature itself. There is a reason why flowers are the bright vivid colours they are. Nature knows this and attracting the lovely little creatures needed to continue the lifecycle of the thousands of species is so important to life on this planet. Yes red is the top of the list for enticement, but the same could be said of all bright vivid colours that attract the attentions of all, for whatever purpose.red flowers