Reviews; Sensuelle Point 20 Function

Sensuelle Point

I know that reviews can sometimes get lengthy, but I like to keep mine short and sweet. Really, who wants to read all that when you want to get down to it? Every now and then comes along a lovely little toy that pulls all the punches. The Sensuelle Point with 20 vibration functions does just that. Borrowing on elements from the We-Vibe’s Tango and  discontinued Salsa, the Sensuelle is a rechargeable, slightly longer, and thicker bullet that turns on by pushing the touch pad on the bottom between the two charging pins. This pad is also the multi function control to get you to the vibration pattern that your specific tastes desire. However you need to navigate through all the patterns to get to the one you prefer and it starts off at the beginning when it is turned off and then on again. Twice dipped in silicone this bullet sits in a flower shaped charging base with the adaptor plugged into the back. A red light indicates charging, green charged, and a purple-ish blue light on the bottom of the bullet when turned on. It comes with a residual charge but recommends a full hour to charge this little gal. It is not an exact science charging, so be patient, it may take slightly longer. The charging base is plastic and does appear somewhat cheap in quality, but hey, maybe the folks at NU will figure that one out. With a strong vibration you certainly can see what I mean by watching the video below. Its not a whisper motion, but more like a ride on a Harley,  but IS whisper quiet. Your choice of colours is pink, purple, black, silver and warrantied for a full year. Don’t expect a bullet the size of those that have been on the market for some time, but something slightly larger. You’ll love it!

Weight: 30 g/0.07 lbs

Length: 9.2 cm/3.6 inches

Width (Base): 2.3 cm/0.9 inches

Width (Tip): 1.9 cm/0.75 inches


Length: 9cm

Phthalates Free

ROHS Approved CE Approved