Tidbits; The Price Of A Good Sextoy

The Price Of a Good Sextoy

So you find yourself staring at the waves of colour on the shelves at your local sex shop and your starting to feel, to say the least, OVERWHELMED!? Let’s be honest here you do! Not only do you have colour to choose from, there’s the shapes and sizes, the multitude of functions, and almost every action under the sun to think about.

It’s a daunting task making the right decision to buy that perfect “toy” for your adult play, but never the less an executive decision that must be made. Settling on something that is uniquely right for you doesn’t come easy and sometimes certainly not cheap. Prices generally start at $9.95, and for the top-of-the-line, $300 plus.

Generally the lower priced items come with minimal actions, speeds, functions, and movements, but with the incremental pricing come more features. We also have to take into consideration what it is your preferred toy is made up of. We’re talking substances like silicone, latex, silagel, silaskin, TPR, glass, metal, wood and a multitude of others.

Questions I always start with asking are;

What do you want it to do? How much do want to spend? Is this your first toy? For use with yourself or a partner? Have you given any thought to whether you want rechargeable or battery operated? Do you want a manual operation or powered?  How intense do you want it? Is it for internal or external use, or both? Are you familiar with pitch levels of the type of vibration? Just to ask a few.

This is where I like to use the example of a low, deep, grumble, akin to that of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The kind that has your innards shaking up a storm resonating outward to your most delicate parts getting those juices flowing! On the other end of the scale, just to make a point, is the high pitched squeal of a dental drill. Yes I use this example but it truly hits home for full understanding. Yeah, some of you are probably wincing with that example, but others are, shall we say…..moist!

My point here is we are not all the same, some like friction, rotation, oscillation, or serious vibration, and whether it comes from manual or motorized is your call. They all come with variable price tags as well. I know there are those that are all over the brand name expensive jobs, but then there are also those that prefer a no name, like myself, toys that are just as equally capable with less functions for a simplified trip from point A to point B.

Yes I do have a collection that rivals even the most experienced collector, but that doesn’t mean they all do the job. That also means I like and want variety and I may not want the multi-functioned unit to tickle my fancy, but rather the simple on/off job.

Be warned, the cheaper babies, although good, may not have the life expectancy of the higher priced beauties. Don’t expect a lifetime of use, cause as with all things, nothing lasts forever. However having said that, there are a few companies that do stand behind their products even so much so as to offer warranties and guarantees. Look for those and when in doubt, ask!

How will you know if you like it? Hopefully your local purveyor will have a few testers for you to play around with, but don’t grab them as though you are about to drive away and do laps in the Le Mans Grande Prix. THEY ARE NOT STICK SHIFTS! Don’t grip and grab with all your might. They are to be used in your delicate nether regions, and if you are unsure of it’s strength, touch it lightly to the tip of your nose. Folks are just as sensitive there as on the glans of the penis and clitoris. Trust me you’ll know right away if you are about to embark on your next love affair using that as a test.

However you choose, and whatever you choose at this point, is all about you and your personal preference for keeping that boat afloat.

Have fun!