As Seen In: ZoomerSingles, Naughty But Nice Is Never Taboo: Hottest Five Trends In Sex

L'Amour Couleuvrine
Originally Printed in ZoomerSingles.
by; April Lewis aka Lovingly Arrogant
As you may recall in my recent letter to Santa, I said I would rather be naughty than nice. Luckily, I found a way to be both.
I headed to the Taboo…Naughty but Nice Sex Show to check out the latest in Boomer carnal pleasures.
One Saturday night not too long ago I headed downtown to the Taboo…Naughty but Nice Sex Show to check out the latest in Boomer carnal pleasures. The show advertises “I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.” I found fantasies and fetishes and a painting penis. I discovered lubricants and ecstasy arousal gels. I learned the arguments for why porn can be good for your marriage. There were dildos and domination. And bondage, bliss and body art.
According to the Taboo program, 2014’s hottest sex trends are:
  1. Sexy toys: Apparently, thanks to the steamy, best seller Fifty Shades of Grey,  the sales of sex toys are soaring through the roof. Tired of vanilla sex, boomer gals (and hopefully the guys) want something a little hotter between the sheets. You could easily start with a French tickler or some clitoral stimulant or go a little bolder and opt for a flogger or a bondage kit for beginners. Who knew!
  2. Tantra: Tantric sex is the ancient erotic art of prolonging sexual ecstasy. The idea of tantra is to explore each other’s sensuality with teasing and tension in order to deepen intimacy. It is a combined emotional and sensory experience. The total opposite of a quickie. Sounds good…sign me up.
  3. Kinky fashion: Kinky fashion is considered hot and becoming more common and mainstream.  Fishnet stockings, yes, but corsets are becoming mandatory in the bedroom. I saw many buxom, bodacious beauties spilling out of their lacy or vinyl corsets, completely comfortable within their own skin. And of course, don’t forget the leather, latex, PVC, handcuffs, stainless steel, locks, zippers…and did I mention leather!
  4. Social Media Sex: Well, I guess I have to finally admit, I’ve missed my calling. I always thought I had a proclivity towards phone sex but now I’m too late. Social media sex is where it is at as pinporn is gaining popularity. (Gawd, I’m feeling old!) Pinporn includes sites like PinSex and PinGay which are sites on which to exchange naughty videos and images. Estimates are that PinSex will get one million hits before the year is out.
  5. Fantasy Sex: My favourite. And it’s not just for men…no way! If you think the gals don’t fantasize about naughty things, then think again. Women know what they want and they aren’t afraid to share their fantasies, so pay attention fellas! Women like to role play and dominate too.  Now where did I put my stilettos and leather whip?
But what about Boomer sex specifically? I wanted to know so I checked out Sex Tips for Mature Folksdelivered by the sensuous and sultry Velvet. First thing I noticed was her emerald green satin dress which she wore in a sassy, seductive way, with one strap slipping off her shoulder exposing a mere glimpse of a breast. Velvet definitely wore the dress… she’s one hell of a woman, and a transsexual who had a lot of knowledge and experience to impart to the heterosexuals in the audience.
Velvet had examples of every type of sexual aid which could improve our love life.
Velvet implored us, regardless of sexual orientation, to remove the barriers and start the conversation. We want to experience what we felt when we were young. All Boomers have the same concerns about dryness, the need for lubrication, decreased sensitivity and libido. So she encouraged us to “own it!” and ask questions. Velvet had examples of every type of sexual aid which could improve our love life. Gadgets, lotions, creams and potions!
And on that note…too much stimulation for this blogger! I’m off to bed. Maybe not alone. I might bring along my G-Spot lollipop or my Magic Banana!