Reviews; ZoloCups

ZoloCupsZoloCups the latest in masturbation aids for men from Zolocup. These sleekly designed items come in 7 different brightly coloured packages, boasting 7 different interiors for whatever mood strikes your fancy. Beginning with the “Original” you then have the “Fire”, “Backdoor”, “Personal Trainer”, “Glide”, “The Girlfriend” and the ever popular “Deep Throat”. They’ve even included cute little illustrations to match the name of each one. To use, just tear along the dotted lines, remove the cap on one end, ¬†peel off the sticker on the other to regulate the suction for your desired level of tightness, and insert as deep as you can go. Just like rival Tenga, these are a short lifespan item, but with tender loving care they can be used again and again, billed with “realistic feel, intense sensations, ultimate pleasure, life like canal, great for travel.” Ingredients already supplied in each is a mix of purified water, glycerin, propylene glycol, and hyaluronic acid. These are not to be used or re-used with a silicone lubricant, water based only! Reasonably priced they are not to be passed up, tried at least once! Being the over-packaging nut that I am, you’ll find what Zolocup has wrapped it in, as very minimal which is good thing. If you’re like me, you’ll find that when it comes to discarding the problem arises, IT’S A LOT OF REFUSE! Just remember proper disposal and you’ll make me happy!

So go ahead and try it, “why do it solo, when you can do it ZOLO!”