Tidbits; Park Sex

Park StatuePeriodically I go for long walks with a coffee or tea to people watch and take in the beauty this fair city I live in has to offer. I mean who wouldn’t, Vancouver is AMAZING! Anyway after awhile I found myself sitting on the bench in the park watching the water and the people walk by, and I began to think about what all these people of all ages, all walks of life, do in their sex lives. Are they kinky, vanilla, missionary, like it where the sun don’t shine, threesomes, group action, do they still have sex? Wander, as my mind is want to do, it suddenly popped into my head the answer to a random question that was asked by one of the boys at the cocktail lounge I frequent.

We were each asked to finish the statement;

“I have never……”

It donned on me, I have never had sex in the park!

Really? I mean here I was sitting in the beautiful Stanley Park  in Vancouver’s West End ,and I have never had sex in a park!! Of all the things I have gotten up to that just wasn’t one of them. Yet again my mind started racing as to how I can make it happen and whether it would be fluid and just happen, scripted, planned out, or a bit of both. Maybe that will change, maybe it won’t, who knows. If it does I might just write about it, or keep it as my dirty little secret but to be honest most likely you’ll hear about it.

Anyway, off and running the trails await.