Reviews; Fleshlight

Ok, so we know that sextoys and sex shops have well, pretty much always been about women’s pleasure, but what about the men? Well I am here to tell you that a shift has been happening for quiet some time! It wasn’t till a few years back that toys, aids, items, started to hit the market for our male counterparts.We all know that masturbation, sex with someone you love, with the right hand if you are right handed, or for something strange, the opposite hand is something most men are very familiar with.  One item that has been changing that dynamic comes from the lovely folks at Fleshlight for the straight boys, & Fleshjack for the gay guys. Yes they have two separate sites for the same toy and each site is just as equally hot. Trust me I’ve surfed them both and my fingers did a lot of walking, on ME! These items are made with a patented SuperSkin that feels and responds similarly like the real thing. It is easy clean and store, safe, non-toxic and phthalate free. They come in a multitude of textures, orifices, colours, and even casing colours. Some styles come in a box with a clear window to “see the light” others a metal canister for protective storage. They are suction regulated for intense sucking action, available with vibrators, and even mounting fixtures for some truly creative action. My fave is the “IceJack” since it allows me to truly see ALL the action, when in action on those hot boys. Mmmmmmmm! Ready to clean? Just pop off both ends and rinse it through with tepid water and let it dry. Pretty easy. They’re not new to the scene, but why I am mentioning them is because of their ability to continually create new and exciting shapes, styles, play on some film themes and the ever popular “sex in a can” series. However it is only to be used with a water based lubricant, a silicone has it “melting” pretty damn quick. But enough from me as I could go on forever about them. Why not trip on over to the site and have a look for yourself? Did I mention you can have one custom made with the multitude of choices they give you if you don’t find what you are after at your local boutique?