SCANDAL: Northbound Leather’s 18th Annual Fetish Party and Fashion Show

scandal toronto northbound leather

The world’s largest single night fetish party!

Our Fashion show themed “Scandal” will walk you through a mixture of scandalous adventures of playful fun and dark debauchery. Enjoy the rest of the night in the dungeons or on the dance floor but always amongst kinksters with love and acceptance.

-Performers to be announced!-

Strict Fetish Dress Code: Leather, PVC, Fetish Sex Wear, Drag, Uniforms, Gothic, Rubber.

Your ticket contribution is greatly appreciated and fuels the event’s creations! Get the early bird prices while they last! As tickets run out we will be moving down the list.

VIP tickets here:
Early Bird: $115 (Buy the early bird ticket while it lasts!)
Advance: $125

General Admission tickets here:

Early Bird: $40 (Buy the early bird ticket while it lasts!)
Advance: $50

Tidbits; Beginnings


People always ask how I got into the world of fetish and erotic dressing, in particular domination. I can’t really answer exactly how I got here but I guess you could say that I was born with it. In my DNA, my genes, my fetish interests all there, I just needed to be tapped into it, I guess. The high end fashions, lingerie, leather, latex, high heels, stockings garters pantyhose. The crack of the whip, tightening of a buckle, locking a latch, melting some wax, smell and shine of the rubber, leather, PVC. The make-up, hair, the LOOK that commanded attention and garnered some serious respect. It was inevitable

I’m also not sure if it was while in Denmark at the age of 22 at a dinner I was invited to; a dinner with a slave suspended over the dining table that got me interested. Or maybe it was the lovely gentleman who invited me over who “saw something in me” all classy, stylish, and slick that had something to do with opening the tap for the waters of fetish to flow freely. (more…)