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Early Bird until AUG 17, $40 per person. 
After AUG 17, $50 per person.


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Someone once said, how you show up in bed is how you show up in your life. What if you could make small changes to your sex life and have the results affect your life as a whole?


First of all, it’s probably not what you think. It’s not about having some pie-in-the-sky spiritual experience. It’s about being embodied + fully alive from the bottom up. (Pun intended!)

Soul Sex is about bringing mindfulness into every aspect of our daily lives; about living a life that’s in alignment with what we really want, a life that’s connected to our body. Grounded, real + in the present moment. And fully embodied as a sexual being.

AND, did you know you have an organic sexual response? How do you interact with sexual energy in a healthy + generative way? How do you express your sexuality consciously?

INTRO TO SOUL SEX is about learning to skillfully recognize + navigate how you respond to sexual energy. You’ll gain deep insight into the three ways you respond, akin to the primal defense responses of fight, flight or freeze. You’ll learn to identify how you show up + how your partner shows up in intimate discussion + interaction. And you’ll learn the precise antidote for restoring flow to yourself + within your relationship.

Soul Sex is about cultivating conscious relationship + intimacy at the speed of connection and in the fertile soil of trust. All while holding yourself + your partner within the context of curiosity, compassion + playfulness.

At INTRO TO SOUL SEX you’ll learn to incorporate these guiding principles in all areas of your life. Ultimately, you’ll:

> LEARN to skillfully and competently manage your sexual beingness and energy.

> IMPROVE how you communicate and engage, increase your capacity for sensation.

> TRANSFORM how you show up in the bedroom + in the world for the better.

And it starts with your sexuality as the doorway to creating sustainable changes and thriving your life.

At INTRO TO SOUL SEX, through simple instruction, lively discussion and PG-rated interaction you will drop into your body, challenge your mind, and live just a little farther outside your box than usual.

This workshop is CO-ED and LGBTQI-friendly. OPEN to singles and partners. This is advanced human development training; there is NO nudity, sexual demonstration or activity at this event.

Come spend 3 hours gently pushing your edges with other fun, adventurous people in a beautiful, safe, judgment-free space.



“Revolutionary and paradigm shifting! Jenny has a gift of both directly and gently inviting people to look at their assumptions and understanding of sex. She offers a refreshing micro (individual) and macro (societal) perspective on owning our sex in a way that’s nourishing.”
~Kelly L., Boulder, CO

“This was a self-healing, eye-opening experience in a big way. Some very powerful stuff was ignited for me tonight.”
~Patricia K., Victoria, BC, Canada

“Jenny’s workshop gave me the courage to desire really owning my sensuality and creativity, my unique flavour of who I am and what I feel. I feel that with Jenny my fear and my pain are as valid, honoured and acknowledged as my power and my sex.”
~Maartje G., Victoria, BC, Canada


JENNY FERRY is an emerging leader in the field of conscious sexuality and author of the forthcoming book, Soul Sex: A Mindful Guide to Creating Radical Intimacy. A visionary and dynamic teacher, Jenny is based out of Los Angeles, California and leads workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada, plus works with private clients across the globe. She is highly regarded for her down-to-earth, compassionate training, speaking and leadership. Learn more about Jenny here:

“After deeply connected + successful visits of sell-out workshops from LA to Vancouver in early 2013, I am excited to return to Vancouver and meet people who are vitally interested in raising awareness, engaging in honest + respectful discourse + approaching their sexuality with consciousness.”