SCANDAL: Northbound Leather’s 18th Annual Fetish Party and Fashion Show

scandal toronto northbound leather

The world’s largest single night fetish party!

Our Fashion show themed “Scandal” will walk you through a mixture of scandalous adventures of playful fun and dark debauchery. Enjoy the rest of the night in the dungeons or on the dance floor but always amongst kinksters with love and acceptance.

-Performers to be announced!-

Strict Fetish Dress Code: Leather, PVC, Fetish Sex Wear, Drag, Uniforms, Gothic, Rubber.

Your ticket contribution is greatly appreciated and fuels the event’s creations! Get the early bird prices while they last! As tickets run out we will be moving down the list.

VIP tickets here:
Early Bird: $115 (Buy the early bird ticket while it lasts!)
Advance: $125

General Admission tickets here:

Early Bird: $40 (Buy the early bird ticket while it lasts!)
Advance: $50

NOIR Fetish Ball BACK TO SCHOOL Party Sunday, Aug. 31

noir back to school

BACK TO SCHOOL! It’s the return of the first theme party NOIR ever did, our tremendously successful BACK TO SCHOOL PARTY!

This is the one we took the flack over – the one where our usual STRICT FETISH DRESS CODE was modified to encompass ALL School related outfits for one night only.

That Sue Sylvester tracksuit? Yeah, this party that’s fetish.

That suit with a School Master’s cape? Yeah, this party that’s fetish.

That ultra slinky school girl outfit or that wrestling uni-tard? Well, actually they’re ALWAYS FETISH, but you get our point!

At NOIR we come from the kink scene, and we know that when doing a theme that so many people have incredible ties to—education & corporal punishment fetishes, age play, and the like—that it’s important NOT to denigrate those by insisting that people “sex it up” when we’re dedicating a night to THEIR KINK.

For THIS PARTY that line in our dress code that reads “unless part of an acceptable ensemble outfit” is going to apply to some things it wouldn’t at other NOIR parties.

So while you can expect to see A LOT of very STRICT Fetish Outfits, this is the party where you can dress your friend who has been shy about coming out appropriately for the education theme and introduce them to the Club Night more and more kinksters and the just-truly-adventurous are calling THEIR FAVOURITE NIGHT OUT!

Of course come our September 20th NOIR Fetish Ball & Fetish Swap Meet we’ll be back to our STRICT FETISH DRESS CODE STRICTLY ENFORCED!


The Chapel: Logik & kAINE
The Rectory: dj://spaz & TBA

featuring equipment from Black & Blue Dungeon Equipment

SUSPENSION FRAME IN BAR ROOM! + 2 points in Dungeon



Let the games begin


STRICT Fetish Dress Code STRICTLY Enforced
Special Dispensation from the Head Master given for EDUCATION themed outfits for this ONE party!


You MUST RSVP in order to attend – this is due to the venue’s liquor licensing.
Click “GOING” or “MAYBE” here on Facebook or on our Fetlife event listing
OR email with “RSVP August 31” as the subject and the name (pseudonyms are fine) of all attendees in the body.

Note: You need to select only ONE of the above methods to RSVP.




If you need to know more about NOIR Fetish Ball before attending then be sure to poke about our website, including reading details of our Strict Fetish Dress Code, Dungeon Rules, and of course for outfit ideas you can visit our Gallery page to see pictures from past events.

FETISH CRUISE VFW 2014( Vancouver Fetish Weekend)

fetish cruise

We’ve had quite a few questions about what EXACTLY is allowed / not allowed on the Fetish Cruise at VANCOUVER FETISH WEEKEND 2014, so here’s all the details and answers that everyone wants to know!



Please note that the VIP Fetish Cruise is a SEX POSITIVE event and is intended for kinksters comfortable with public sexual activity going on. This is a PRIVATE cruise for Vancouver Fetish Weekend FULL WEEKEND PASS holders only, and as such has guidelines which are different – and far more permissive – than what is allowed at more public fetish events in nightclub establishments. Here are all the details you need to know!




BOARDING STARTS AT 5 PM, BOAT LEAVES AT 6 PM – with or without you, so don’t be late!

FETISH DRESS CODE IN EFFECT – go seriously kinky or seriously skimpy, but you better pass the fetish dress code, or you’re not getting on the boat. Period. No exceptions, no refunds!

IS THERE DANCING? Oh hell yes! DJs Evilyn13 and Del Stamp will be rocking the dancefloor level of the boat, with music in every area at different levels so you have your choice of dancing volume, socializing or playing, with appropriate music volumes to suit the mood in all areas.

IS THERE A BAR / COAT CHECK? Yes on both counts!

IS NUDITY ALLOWED? Oh hell yes – but AFTER we leave the dock. A 20 minute warning will be given before we return to the dock at the end of the cruise.

IS SEX ALLOWED? Yep! Again, AFTER we leave the dock.

CAN WE BRING OUR FLOGGERS / PADDLES / ROPES / TOYS? Absolutely! However, there are NO spaces for use of long whips, so please don’t even bring one.

NO UNSAFE OR VIOLENT PLAY, OR PLAY WHICH MAY RESULT IN INJURY. You can pretty much do whatever you like, but if anything appears unsafe, or anyone involved appears unwilling or in possible danger of injury, a staff member will intervene. Play safe!

THE GIRLS CONTROL ALL THE ACTION – this rule cannot be stressed more strongly. Anyone is free to approach anyone else, but in guy/girl interactions, if the girl says she’s not interested, please move on. Unless you’re gay, of course. In guy/guy or girl/girl interactions, anything goes!

THE CRUISE IS PAN-SEXUAL! We welcome all our gay, straight, bi and friends of every taste!

NO UNWANTED TOUCHING – while the cruise is a sex positive environment, and play is encouraged, it is NOT a free-for-all grope fest. This is an absolute no-strikes rule. Even if you see some group action going on, do not make any assumptions, and always establish permission first. No means no. I’m not sure means no. No answer means no. Only a definite YES means yes!

NO SOLO PLAY – i.e., no wanking! Couples (or more) playing together is hot. A single person playing with themselves gets creepy real fast. Don’t do it or you will be asked to stop.

$250 BODILY FLUID FINE! NO SPUNK / BLOOD / SCAT / PISS / BODILY FLUID MESSES – straight up. The boat is being VERY accommodating to our insanely naughty party and we in turn will ALL make it a #1 priority to respect the boat in return. Absolutely NO bodily fluids of any kind on ANYTHING. If you violate this rule, you will pay a $250 fine – in additional to cleaning it up!

GUEST SERVICES STATIONS PROVIDED BY CLUB EDEN – Our good friends at Club Eden are thrilled to be co-presenting the Fetish Cruise and will be providing stations on every level of the boat, stocked with lube, condoms and towels, along with discard baskets for condoms and towels.

GETTING YOUR ROCKS OFF? Awesome! But make SURE to use a towel, bag it or swallow it! Above all, leave no mess behind. Dispose of all used materials appropriately!

DUNGEON FURNITURE OPTIONS THROUGHOUT COURTESY OF BLACK & BLUE DUNGEON FURNITURE & SIN CITY FETISH NIGHT – padded, sturdy and just waiting for some naughty users, our Dungeon gear is waiting for you on the boat! There’s a cleaning kit accompanying every piece of gear, please give it a wipe down after use.

NO BEDS / CURTAINS / PRIVATE AREAS! Please note this is not a dark club at midnight, this is a day time cruise on a big beautiful yacht. There are loads of tables, chairs, padded dungeon furniture, railings etc … but no private areas, curtained off areas or beds. All play will be VERY public! There will be ropes & stanchions available, however, which guests are free to use to make their own semi-private area boundaries during play.

ABSOLUTELY NO UNAUTHORIZED CAMERAS AND NO CELL PHONE USE. No checking texts, no making phone calls, no unauthorized photos of any kind permitted. Please leave your cell phone with your belongings at the coat check. If we even see a cell phone in someone’s hand, we will require you to bring it to the coat check. Only staff members may carry cell phones, and only for use in running the event.

STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS ON SITE – we will have several talented, friendly and respectful staff photographers on site for people who want to get photos for the official event gallery! All photos will be limited to the willing subjects. In the unlikely event anyone wanders into the background of a photo, don’t worry, we go through ALL photos with a fine tooth comb and either don’t use such photos, or we blur out everyone but the foreground subjects. You will absolutely, one hundred percent not appear in any photos without your explicit consent, knowledge and permission!

FREE SHUTTLE TO THE SLEAZE & TEASE BALL AT THE PENTHOUSE AFTERWARDS – from 9-10 PM we will be running a complimentary shuttle from the boat dock area to the Penthouse, where the naughtiness continues until 2 AM, with a full Dungeon for further kinky play, as well as X-rated stage shows from Rubberdoll, Brent Ray Fraser and Spooksy DeLune! However please note that standard club fetish dress code rules apply at the Penthouse Player’s Ball – so lower naughty bits must be covered.


Any further questions? Feel free to email VFW organizer Isaac T. / DJ Pandemonium at :

Rapture Olympus; Vancover PRIDE 2014

TFD Presents the highly anticipatedRapture: OLYMPUS
July 31 – August 3 2014 | Vancouver, BC

LIBERACE – July 31st – Celebrities Night Club – 9pm
DJ Kitty Glitter | Del Stamp | Cruella De Vag | Valynne Vile

HEATWAVE – Aug 2nd – Westin Grand Hotel – 12pm
Alyssa Edwards | Nick Bertossi | Landon James | Brooke Lynn Hytes | Raye Sunshine

RuPaul’s Drag Race BATTLE OF THE SEASONS – VANCOUVER PRIDE 2014 – Aug 2nd – Commodore Ballroom – 7pm – 11pm
Bianca Del Rio | Adore Delano | Darienne Lake | Ivy Winters | Manila Luzon | Jiggly Caliente | with Michelle Visage

MONROE.PRIDE – Aug 2nd – Heaven’s Door – 7pm – 3am
Battle of the Seasons afterparty
Alyssa Edwards | Rhea Litre | Zach Shore | domtop

VICTORY – Aug 3rd – Commodore Ballroom – 10pm
Paulo & Jackinsky | Shokra | Cassandra | Courtney Act | Rhea Litre | Del Stamp