Alien Sex

Alien Sex

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Tentacles wrestle the sexual status quo; secret identity exposes itself; and the Empire is challenged by authentic expression, in a work that mixes whimsy, savage poetry, heartbreaking vulnerability and B-movie joy.

Actor/director and Alien Sex instigator David Bloom conspires to bring together an exciting and diverse team in a multi-genre, multi-generational feast, inciting new work by emerging local artists and unearthing rare and unexpected discoveries by established cultural luminaries.

The all-star cast features Vancouver genderqueer creators Olivia B (performance poet/tap dancer) and Floyd VB (performance poet/visual artist) propelled by the visceral and immutable life force of Taiko drummer Eileen Kage, composer/dancer/video artist Sammy Chien, actor/dancer/visual and performance artist Robert Leveroos, and photo-based artist SD Holman (of BUTCH: Not like the other girls).

Drawing upon energetic interpretations of the transgressive BDSM poet Linda Smukler/Samuel Ace and the divisive heterosexual playwright David Mamet, each of these artists individually transgresses the constraints of any single genre, while sparking a shared explosion of preconceptions, categories and labels.

Gay, lesbian, bi, queer, straight, vanilla, kinky and yet-to-be-named perspectives collide in a speculative fiction that fearlessly explores the strange, beautiful, and sometimes inexplicable territory of human sexuality.

Romantic, disturbing, passionate, and tender, this epic yet intimate collaborative project weaves together an original and contradictory collage by artists creating in words, images, movement, and sound.