FUSE fake plastic


Friday, July 11, 2014
8pm to 1am
Art | Music | Performance

“Fake Plastic is a double whammy. Fake Plastic doesn’t care what you think. Fake Plastic is sand in the face of Authenticity. It also implies mutability, flexibility, elasticity. So many itys! The artists at Fuse will deal with shift and change. Rubber bands=panda bear. Punk=80s dance. Boys=Girls=whatever the heck we want. C’mon kids, it’s the 21st century. Let’s get plastic!” – Veda Hille

Vancouver Art Gallery celebrates its popular summer exhibitions with a glamorous and eclectic evening of music, visual arts and performances with an outdoor lounge. Fake Plastic, this summer edition of FUSE embraces, investigates and accentuates the love of popular culture in the 21st Century where everything can be anything. Additionally, a free outdoor performance will take place on Robson Street, offering the ultimate FUSE experience both inside and outside the Gallery space.

Tidbits; Nudity For Art’s Sake, An Informal Adventure

nude drawing

I’ve done a lot of things in my life, all because I wanted to!

My choice of schooling, occupations, travel, they way I look and dress, surgeries, cosmetic procedures, basically everything, to be, me. However along the way a few things I found challenging aside from my honesty, were my early days of nude modelling. No I am not talking sex related or other, but for art’s sake, things like photography, life drawing , sculpture class, and character design for video games.

Coming back from SRS in England didn’t mean that I was ready to simply dive right in. It took time, a lot of time, and for those that know me, it was easier to hide behind the fetish clothes and slink out into the night of the local club scene all sexed up. (more…)

Tidbits; Gynaecology 101, The Art of the Tasteful Presentation

Playboy 1953

When Playboy first hit the stands in 1953 with Marilyn Monroe as it’s cover star, it was deemed as racy, sexist, in poor taste, and an instant hit! Inside were not only ads, opinions, and articles, but photo spreads. Beautiful, art directed productions in vivid colour, exquisitely set decked, perfect hair and make-up, and tastefully presented. Such was the style of the day in all “men’s” magazines, art, photography, and pretty much all depictions of female nudity and sensuality.

Pin-ups were all over the place, and long before Playboy, in the form of artist renderings and photos created mostly for the troops abroad fighting for our rights and freedoms. Renderings that gave most of these men a glimmer of hope for their triumphant return to their home country and for what life would hold for pin-up1them afterwards. Presentations (more…)